Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post:

From the moment he leaked word of his departure to the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Karl Rove has been lionized and vilified by the media hordes.

He is either a political giant, shrewdly plotting a series of victories during the Bush presidency, or a nation-wrecker, sowing the seeds of division to boost the GOP. The nicknames -- "Bush's Brain," "The Architect" -- match the portrayal of an important historical figure.

But what if journalists are part of an unspoken conspiracy to inflate Rove's importance -- not for ideological reasons but because it makes for a better narrative? What if they are the architects, using well-placed aides to build a stage for inside-dope stories involving Rove and his colleagues?

Well, whatever you think of Mr. Rove, there is no question that he is a legend in his own time....


(sung to the tune of "Davy Crockett")

Born on a Christmas Day in '51,
Studied politics because it was fun;
He plotted and schemed till Republicans won.
Became Bush's Brain in 1991 .

Karl, Karl C. Rove, kingmaker extraordinaire.

He was single-handedly the Architect,
Though the Dems were whipped, he got no respect.
And as he was handling this tricky chore,
Made himself a legend, forevermore.

Karl, C. Rove the man the Dems all fear.

He never went to Congress to serve a spell,
But his evil plots made their life a living hell.
He took over Washington, I heard tell,
And stuffed Joe and Valerie in the Liberty Bell.

Karl, Karl C. Rove, a devil and a demon, they swear!

When he at last resigned, his politickin' done,
The left went right crazy (and that's no pun!)
So he packed up his gear, and Dick Cheney's gun--
Just to be sure they wouldn't press him none.

Karl, Karl C. Rove, political pioneer!

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