Saturday, August 11, 2007


See if you can detect the pathology in the email below:

From: (feel free to email back!)

You're a low life traitor to the American people, get your sorry azz over to Iraq and fight for your little drunken POS brain dead appointed moron squatting in my White house. Are you enjoying the price of gas, that has driven up the price of everything? We will have you Rep scum bags out of power soon! so enjoy your last year in my White house! Soon we will have an elected President living there! you 29% ers have done all the damage they can possibly do to this Nation! but the party is over for you fkn chit stain traitors!

When you think about it, isn't it remarkable that one short hysterical rant like the one above could manage to include all the immature and primitive psychological defenses I have been talking about?

PROJECTION: "You're a low life traitor to the American people..."

PARANOIA: "Are you enjoying the price of gas" (obvious reference to the "War for Oil" conspiracy theory); and both the "appointed" crack and the "Soon we will have an elected President living there." statement are obvious references to the "stolen election" conspiracy theory.

FANTASY: "We will have you Rep scum bags out of power soon!" At this stage, it would appear that this statement is mere wishful thinking; but it sounds almost desperate, doesn't it? Notice the "29%" reference? It is essential that badron023 makes sure you know that he/she/it is IN THE MAJORITY. This is a comforting notion/illusion, because in the empty brains of the morally and intellectually bankrupt, there is no objective right or wrong. Being in the majority is just another way of playing some bizarre trump card to make your opinion "win".

I can't overemphasize this aspect of the lunatic left enough; and you may have noticed their obsession with polls (as long as the polls go along with their ideology, of course). For all their BS about "championing" the poor, the downtroden blah blah blah; in the end, all that is meaningful to them is that they are in the majority so that they can impose their will on you. For them, MIGHT MAKES RIGHT and they will decide what to think, believe, and feel based on what others think, believe and/or feel.

Basically, as I have stated in previous posts, people like badron023 stand for nothing and have no principles except achieving power for themselves and their ideology. They determine what is "right" by how many people feel it is right. This is why in every argument to "prove" that their position is the only possible one, they will cite polls and public opinion rather than objective reality. Any polls they don't like will be simply be supressed or ignored (to preserve the fantasy that their opinion must be the correct one).

DELUSION/ENTITLEMENT/MALIGNANT NARCISSISM: Let's not forget that this person undoubtedly thinks of itself as a real American patriot, speaking truth to power ("your little drunken POS brain dead appointed moron squatting in my White house"). Note the reference to "my" White house, as if the White House belongs only to his/her ilk--implying that if he/she and his/her friends are not living in it, it was somehow illegitimately taken from them because it belongs to them!

Finally, as a card-carrying member of the compassionate, loving, and non-violent political left--who always support peace, love, brotherhood and justice--you may come away with the non-PC impression that the author is actually not a very nice person at all!

What gives this aspect of badron023's personality away? Call me psychic, but his/her obvious dedication to the basic "principles" of today's left, comes through in phrases such as "get your sorry azz" and "little drunken POS brain dead appointed moron" and "fkn chit stain traitors" .

The deliberate abuse of spelling and grammar is a dead giveaway that badron023 is a product of the primarily self-esteem-enhancing K-12 curriculum of today's public education, which encourages the notion that just because you have some opionion or feeling that something is true (even if you can't articulate it in any rational or coherent manner); that your opinion or feeling will always trump objective reality because the only reality that matters is how good you feel about yourself.

Like all the denialists of the left, these little adolescent drama kings and queens intend to twist, manipulate and distort reality and truth to fit their agenda.

And I, for one, do not intend to let them get away with it--at least on this blog.

In the great scheme of things, what I say about them doesn't matter much. Logic dictates that both of us cannot be correct in our diametrically opposed assessments of what is real and what is not; about what is true and what is false. We may, in fact, both be wrong.

I am content to let the final arbiter be reality, itself.

Because, sooner or later, objective reality must be faced--it cannot be avoided indefinitely, after all; unless one side or the other is willing to enter end-stage DENIAL--and prefers to die rather than face the truth.

Too many lives and everything that is precious in the world hang in the balance of which side is more consistent with the real verus consistent with fantasy. One side of this argument really does stand for human freedom, justice, civilization and peace; and is not simply "mouthing the words" to make themselves feel good and virtuous, even as their overt behavior enables and encourages the opposite.

And when reality finally confronts one or the other of us, I fear that there will be hell to pay.

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