Saturday, August 25, 2007


UPDATE: Bumped to 8/25 -- Perhaps Fidel has gone to visit Osama in his gravecave? This from Fausta at Pajamas Media:
Throughout the past year the world has been treated to a series of videos and photos showing the ailing Castro wearing a jogging suit while entertaining visiting dignitaries, most prominently his disciple Hugo Chavez. Chavez, who is providing Cuba 80,000 barrels of oil daily, always returns from these trips exulting about how well Fidel is recovering.

After each of these, the Cuban government’s newspaper, Granma, repeats the same carefully crafted message the Cuban people have been hearing for nearly fifty years: to continue the struggle, to strive for the impossible. The US is “a decaying empire that threatens us all”. It also reminds Cubans that they too, should endure their sorrows – sorrows inflicted by Castro’s own dictatorship – without complaint. The bottom line of the message is, Nothing is ever going to change.

But the reality is that things will change, and will change rapidly immediately following the news of the death. Everything, from large-scale civil upheaval from a people long-oppressed by a cruel government, to a large number of exiled Cubans seeking to reunite with their relatives by bringing them to the USA, to a total collapse of Cuban society, can not be dismissed as a possibility.

The existing Cuban power structure will collapse.

When Castro dies, will the Cuban government release the information at the time of the death? That is very unlikely. Even with all the behind-the-scenes preparations that may or may not have taken place over the past twelve months, there will be a delay because those in power will try to hold on to power for as long as they possibly can.

So the question is, for how long will the news of Castro’s death be delayed?


Breaking at the Babalu Blog.... scroll there for updates. We've been down this road before, but hope springs eternal and we can always pray:


Now as I lay down to sleep,
I pray the Lord your soul to keep;
And if He keeps it very well,
It's sure to find its way to hell.

I pray you'll get what you deserve;
I pray its not what you desire;
Do you think you'll keep your nerve,
As you approach eternal fire?

And if you don't, it's no surprise--
A tyrant never lives his lies.
May all the souls that you oppressed,
Ensure you lack eternal rest.

As I close my eyes tonight,
To contemplate eternal night;
I'd pray for you, I really would,
If only I could see some good.

May God have mercy on your soul;
May all who suffered at your hand
Be waiting there to greet you
As you pass by that Promised Land

May they show you justice,
Of the type that you have shown;
And with your caring and compassion,
May you reap exactly what you've sown.

Now you face the setting sun,
And approach your final sleep;
I know that when you're dead and gone
The free will cheer--and none shall weep.

And Hugo's set to take your place--
Another thug, another face.
He's eager now for you to die
Then he'll be champion of the left's Big Lie

UPDATE: Ahhh well. Someday.

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