Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Orson Welles once noted, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."

Obviously the same is true if you want a bad or tragic ending. That is why Democrats like Harry Reid are so desperate to stop the Iraq story RIGHT NOW and are pre-emptively trying to make sure it is stamped "failure" in advance:
“Over the past six months, despite President Bush’s unfounded claims of success, 565 Americans have been killed in Iraq while taxpayers have spent $60 billion. After the Administration’s September 15 report, we hope the President and Congressional Republicans will finally work with us to provide a real, overdue change of course in Iraq.”

So it takes Victor Davis Hanson to remind us of what Yogi Berra in his amazing wisdom once quipped: It ain't over till it's over:
If Iraq can be stabilized, then the enormity of that achievement will eventually be appreciated and dwarf all else (taking out the worst regime in the Middle East and fostering a consensual society in its place, while defeating on its home ground the worst radical Islam has to offer). The Democrats seem to have ceased blaming each other for voting for Iraq, and demanding time lines of immediate withdrawal, but now are shifting in order to have a fallback position of “Well, they finally listened to me in Iraq and so things settled down” should Gen. Petraeus’ report convince even some of them of real progress.

The responsibility of governance is not the same thing as easy op-ed criticism, and the nation is learning just that as it listens to our would-be future presidents—whether Obama’s apparent Pakistan invasion option, or Hillary’s pandering with pseudo-accent to African-Americans, or the obsessions of Mrs. Edwards with Obama, or her husband’s continual embarrassment of living high in one nation, while lecturing others about the needs of the other.

I say all this remembering that friends used to tell me that in March 1991 George Bush would win by a landslide in 1992, and in 1987 Ronald Reagan would either be impeached or resign, or that after 9/11 and the despicable pardons, Bill Clinton would be ranked among our very worst presidents.

The point is that few know exactly how the country and the world will look by November 2008, but it may very well be that the U.S. will enjoy a position of strength and respect abroad and security at home — and someone still in office in late 2008 will get a great deal of credit for that.

Read the whole thing.

You can easily imagine the mass suicides on the political left that would occur if public perception of the situation in Iraq turned around and President Bush's policies were given credit (as they should be given credit for not having any terrorist attacks on U.S. soil to date since 9/11--but they ignore that reality). After the op-ed piece by O'Hanlon and Pollack; and now this incredibly dispiriting article (for the left, that is) by the usually pessimistic Der Spiegal.

As a psychiatrist, however, I'm not overly concerned about the left's suicide potential (ask me after November, 2008 about their homicidal potential), because in point of fact, their psychological denial is so shored up and solid that I don't believe for an instant that they would ever admit that things were getting better--not in Iraq, not at home, and not anywhere in the world --as long as George Bush or ANY Republican were President.

And, since the left has chosen John Lennon's Imagine as the theme song for their future utopia, I think it only fitting that I use Lennon and McCartney's Getting Better as my parody template . Something the Democrats and left will never--under any circumstances and no matter what the actual facts are--will say about the situation in Iraq.


It's fun to get mad at the Prez
And trash everything that he says
He's holding us down, making us frown
We'd rather love Hugo Chavez!

We'll never admit it's getting better
Here at home or in Iraq
We'll never admit it's getting better
'Til we get the White House back.

We used to be happy, you see
But now we're the knights who say NIE
Iraq got to vote
But we really hope
That no one pretends they are free.

We'll never admit it's getting better
We stand for nothing and have no plan
We simply hate to admit it's getting better
And we hate that we lost and that now he's the boss
And we'll thwart him as much as we can.

We'll never admit it's getting better
Here at home or in Iraq
We'll never admit it's getting better
'Til we get the White House back.

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