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In a post that discusses why Osama Bin Laden chose to attack the U.S. on September 11th instead of either Russia or China, when both these nations have been campaigning against Muslims for centuries, Wretchard has this astute observation:
Attack Beijing or Moscow? Any Chinese or Russian response to a Bin Laden attack would have gone as unreported as the Chinese reprisals of 1997 -- the year incidentally that Hongkong was returned to its motherland -- no need to raise any jitters about that. War by al-Qaeda against China or Russia would have been just kinetic war. One in which radical Islam would lose 100 men, women and children for every Chinese or Russian it killed. That was a losing proposition. What Osama needed was information war, one which would allow him to dish out propaganda instead of take losses, and that could only be started by attacking the United States of America. Western politics would do the rest....

There are times when I am tempted to think that the Western Left is radical Islam's Ring of Power. And the brilliance of al-Qaeda's reliance on it as a force-multiplier is that the defeat of radical Islam must consequently come at the price of altering the structure of post-war Western politics itself. In a sense the Western Left has become a hostage to the current world crisis, and perhaps the only part of the Left that understands this are the signatories of the Euston Manifesto, who realized that al-Qaeda had already claimed its political soul: that unconciously, almost imperceptibly, the Left in uncritical embrace of any foe of America had come to align itself with the most brutal, obscurantist, repressive theocrats on the planet. And would conceivably share its fate with them.

But al-Qaeda's allies can only control events up to a point. Elemental forces are ranged against it. Chief among which is the sheer, simple brutality of countries like Putin's Russia and China. If a snapping point is reached, even the Left may not forever restrain the West. The end point of debasing the coin of information is absolute bankruptcy.

Indeed, the minions of the left have demonstrated that they are a potent "force multiplier" for the fanaticism of Islam, helping them to defeat America in Iraq and giving very little thought to the consequences of their behavior except to revel in their self-righteousness.

In thinking about how to clarify exactly what it about the left's ideology that effectively blinds its adherents to the real world and puts them into a persistent vegetative state of psychological denial, I was fortunate to have a someone leave a comment just the other day onan older post of mine that I think captures the essence of the problem and exemplifies the sort of delusion and denial the left prides itself on:
The greatest most noble country in the history of the world? Yikes! You really believe that? What's so great about incarcerating more humans than any other nation on the planet? What's so noble about leaving a third of the nation without adequate health care? And what's so noble about leaving hundreds of thousands of veterans out on the street without a roof over their head? What's so great about a nation that has killed nearly a million people in an unprovoked and illegal war? A nation that justifies the same torture techniques used by the Nazis? A nation that has democratic institutions and forms but no democratic outcome? Yeah I would stop apologizing because it looks foolish to the rest of the world. Europeans look upon us as the biggest threat to world peace--not Iran. In the real world we are not the greatest nation; we are the greatest imperialist power and people resent that. As for defeating the Left, you've been trying to do that for years. You have us arrested, killed, beaten, spied on, and basically make our life a living hell, but you can't beat us. A people united will never be defeated. You can win battles, but you'll never defeat us because the ideas we represent speak to the human soul.


The author of the above comment is reacting to this quote from the piece:
Let us stop apologizing for being the greatest, most noble country in the history of the world. Let us stop apologizing for being the most productive and free people in historical memory; a people who willingly, generously and honorably shoulder the burdens and problems of the world-- and get little or no thanks for doing so; on the contrary, they are heaped with scorn and are the objects of unceasing malevolence.It is time to go on the rhetorical and political offensive against the political left, before their strategies succeed in destroying the soul and will of our country, leaving us even more vulnerable to the Islamofascist enemy who--if they cannot possess or enslave our soul--intend to wipe us off the map.

I'm sure that "dave" believes he is patriotic. Moreover, I sure that he is convinced that his unrepentant hatred for America and its hypocrisy (by his standards) is noble and good; and that in saying the things he is saying he is "speaking truth to power" and standing up to the real evil in the world--an evil that tortures and kills people at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, makes unnecessary wars and kills millions.

He may even have further deluded himself into somehow believing that he actually "supports" the troops by wanting to bring them home; but that supportive attitude toward the military clearly alternates with demonizing them as murdering imperialist tools.

In short, I'm completely sure that "dave" really believes in his heart of hearts that the ideology he spews so passionately truly "speaks to the human soul", as he says.

I agree with "dave" on this point; but would add that it speaks in a manner that "dave" and others on the left are unwilling to face-- or even imagine, for that matter.

He and his ideology do indeed represent the human soul if you are talking about souls like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pol, Hitler, Saddam and others of his ilk in the Middle East; along with all the other dysfuntional despots and tyrants of history who assumed power supposedly for "the greater good".
All of the above examples represent a part of the human soul; but it is a part which should make any decent human being shiver with dread. Because, when such souls are in ascendence, it means that once again, the darkest side of human nature has been unleashed. And the horrible devastation, death, and misery that originates from that side of the human soul taking control over others is historical fact as well as present reality.

It is precisely that side of human soul that "dave's" leftist ideology has been encouraging and unleashing for decades now, even as it chips away at the foundations of all that is good in humanity.

In The Narcissistic Synthesis, I wrote:
When the grandiose self is out of control; the fragments self of the individual(s) will manipulate, control, subjugate, hurt and in extreme cases even kill others. This happens because without a cohesive self, other people are not seen as separate from the self, or even necessarily human. Those in the thrall of the grandiose self are not capable of real human empathy.

We see stories of this kind of thing happening all the time on the news, and frequently exclaim in astonishment, "How could someone do that?" Examples are the ex-boyfriend who cannot accept that the woman he loved has dared to withdraw her love from him and so must kill her (and often himself); the serial killer who does not experience others as really human; the pedophile who abuses then murders his child victim; and every petty criminal who believes implicitly that his feelings and desires are paramount and justify his behavior.

The second type problem for society at large is an evil that is far more subtle, but even more destructive; and it originates from the idealized object developmental line . Individuals with this particular narcissistic defect (as likewise described for the grandiose self) also do not see other people as separate individuals; and instead see them only as fodder for the expression of an IDEAL or as pawns for an Omnipotent Object (e.g., a dictator).

For all the lip service given to compassion and caring for others, the individual in the throes of narcissistic idealism also completely reject the needs of the individual and enslave him or her to their IDEAL. Eventually, the enslavement--whether religious or secular--snuffs out human ambition, confidence, energy and self-esteem. These "do-gooders" cause considerable human misery and their ideologies can lead to genocidal practices and unbelievable atrocities on a grand scale, all in the name of the IDEAL or GOD. Appropriate benevolence and compassion toward others can only occur when there is a cohesive self in residence; who accepts that other people are separate from him, with thoughts, desires, wishes and beliefs that may not coincide with his own--and that those others have a right to be so.

C.S. Lewis wrote:
"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."

Many people never completely resolve all the tension between the two poles of narcissistic development; thereby never reaching a fully integrated and cohesive self. While most would not meet specific criteria for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, such people have extremely dysfunctional narcissistic traits that continually interfere with their own and other's lives.

The ideology of today's left is nothing more or less than the same utopian ideology born out of the dysfunctional narcissistic idealism that I discuss in that post and in this one. I have pointed out multiple times on this blog that the childish minions that make up most of the political (like "dave") left have embraced this unrestrained and undiluted narcissism, and then disguised it as something good and noble and morally superior.

If they were to ever unflinchingly look at the results of their presumed moral superiority in the real world, they might grow up. But, they prefer to live in the la-la land of some abstract utopian ideal than in the real world; and thus they are willing to sacrifice untold millions of real human being on the altar of their utopian narcissism.

This utopian/totalitarian mindset appeals to the dark side of human nature; i.e., the side of the soul that thrives on envy, greed, desire for power over others; and personal gratification at any price. It is the side that destroys true benevolence and tolerance and triggers the barbarism and uncivilized behavior of which we are all capable. But now that behavior has the sanction of the society.

That is why "dave's" ideology can only result in death, misery and enslavement; even as it touts some abstract ideal of "universal peace, justice and brotherhood". Beneath the peace, justice and brotherhood rhetoric is a profoundly totalitarian mindset that intends to force you to submit to its will-- for your own good, of course-- but you will submit, or else.

Read dave's comment again. The fantasy is breathtaking. He sees the left in this country as being "arrested, killed, beaten, spied on, and basically make our life a living hell" and you've got to wonder what the hell he is talking about and what planet (let alone what country) does this guy live in?

Clearly, dave does not dwell in the real world. These accusations are just the sort of make-believe that have always been more real than reality itself for those on the political left. Reality to them is simply an ugly and unnatural aberration from all their beautiful ideas and grand utopias; and from their image of themselves as heroic and "speaking truth to power".

They dream of utopias where there is no crime and no criminals; where health care is free--or better yet, there is no disease at all. These utopias exist in universal peace and brotherhood and are paragons of the sort of "social justice" the left is are always talking about; and which will only come into being when they have complete control over all aspects of your life.

Controlling you is far easier (and much safer) than fighting in the real world against disease, injustice, intolerance and hate.

And it is this sort of thinking, disguised as loving concern and compassion, that make the "daves" of the world so terribly dangerous, and suceptible to using a "Ring of Power."

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,: One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...

The historical confluence of socialism, communism, and Islamic fascism has resulted in the force multiplication of all three utopian ideologies. Consciously or unconsciously, in our world today, the three work almost seamlessly together to achieve their separate dreams of world domination. (Of course, in the end, only one totalitarian ideology will rule--but each thinks theirs will be the one to triumph over the other).

This Ring of Power can only be destroyed by unmasking the false assumptions and psychological denial of its wearers. That is why it is so important to confront today's left on its moral and intellecutal bankruptcy and to continually highlight how they have enabled and encouraged exactly the opposite of what they say they stand for. In their zeal for domination over us all, they have been willing to embrace an even greater evil.

The rise of Islamofascism over the last half century directly correlates with the rise of the left's multicultural and PC dogmas, both of which have given the fascists of Islam space to expand and act out their homicidal fantasies. We fight the fanatics of Islam on the battlefield; and every day it becomes clearer that the ideology of the left is prepared to give those fanatics a victory because they believe it will strengthen their own power over others.

But if we also focus on the destructively narcissistic dogma of the left; and on the delusional "daves" out there; confronting them and expose their ideology for the fraud it truly is; then the seemingly unsurmountable power of the One Ring will be drastically weakened.

Otherwise, the darkness they are encouraging will destroy all human values; all human decency and all human civilization.

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