Sunday, July 08, 2007


The Mental Health News Network presents Dr. Sanity's first group therapy session with dysfunctional Arab leaders.

Every effort was made to protect the confidentiality of the sorry, pathetic Arab leaders participating.

Dr. Sanity is not amused at their lack of insight. She will redouble her efforts to make reality a part of the Middle Eastern mental health landscape.

UPDATE: GM Roper has been doing some research and thinks he's come up with a new diagnostic category for the next edition of the DSM:
Following DSM IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (of Mental Disorders) Forth Edition - Text Revision) one has a diagnosis and then criteria that meet that diagnosis. There are of course other factors that affect the making of the diagnosis, so I'll post those as well albeit briefly. So, for your reading pleasure I present:

300.9 Acquired Green Delusional Syndrome (AGDS)**.

Diagnostic Features: The essential feature of Acquired Green Delusional Syndrome is a belief, learned from others and not based on one's own research or knowledge that global warming is a fact, that rock concerts burning huge amounts of fuel, using massive kilowatts of electrical power and attended by a few but supported by many, that using ethanol is a energy saving device and that replacing all electrical bulbs with CFLs will make a significant difference in the global climate.

Read it all!

While this does not relate directly to group therapy of the dysfunctional Arab leaders, it is worth mentioning because Mark Steyn recently discovered that Jihadis are now using climate change as a rather clever rationale for their behavior. But clearly, it will take more than that little ploy for us to consider them either sane or rational.

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