Monday, July 02, 2007


The big news is that President Bush has commuted Scooter Libby's jail sentence but left the guilty verdict intact; as well as the 2-year probation and the $250,000 fine.

Commuting the sentence is fine as far as it goes, but I think the best comment/suggestion on the whole affair was made by Ace:
Our long national nightmare silly fantasia is over.

Suggestion: Bush should have reduced the fine to a more reasonable $50,000, which just so happens to be how much Sandy Berger was fined for stealing and destroying classified documents and lying about it to investigators (he wasn't charged for the latter, but subsequent revelations has made it clear he did just that).

Making the fine $50,000 would have been more in line with Libby's transgressions, and it would have made it harder for Democrats to argue against it. The penalty -- no jail time, $50,000, probation -- would have been so similar to Berger's that one could scarcely mention it without also mentioning Berger.

Indeed, I can't help but compare Libby's transgression with the blatant and deliberate treasonous behavior committed by Sandy Berger, who basically got off scott free.

Of the two, Berger was clearly the one who deserved jail time, and who was willing to compromise national security to protect himself and his buddy Clinton. Libby was not even the person who "outed" a supposedly covert Plame--in what has to have been the most over-rated and politically motivated revenge lynching in history; he was only the human sacrifice the left demanded to assure themselves that the Bush Administration was at least as corrupt as the Clinton/Gore era and thus their ideology could remain pure.

But the damage that Sandy Berger did by destroying historical documents which very likely could have provided essential information on how to deal with (or, more likely how NOT to deal with) radical Islam, will likely reverberate for decades. We are just beginning to pay the price for his and Clinton's unparallelled narcissism. And then, to add icing to the treasonous cake, Berger lied about it all. Berger didn't even have a trial with a jury; which would have been extremely enlightening, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Valerie Plame and her loudmouth husband get movie deals, lots of money and enduring fame in the leftolooneysphere. How they have suffered!

The silly fantasia is over, except for the snarls of disappointment and rage we will hear from the left, who will continue to demand a human sacrifice (preferably a neocon) to safeguard and nourish their ongoing denial and delusion about the war on teror.

Just a few short hours ago they were salivating at idea that Libby was imminently going to prison...Curses! Foiled again!

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