Thursday, April 27, 2006


I want to apologize to everyone for being so out of the loop this week! The conference I am at is actually an intensive training session that lasts all day--and, in addition to taking the training, I am the person in charge of the conference details and organization. Hence, I'm way behind in my blog reading and I have hundreds of unread email messages.

To top it all off, my daughter's spring soccer season started this evening and I had to rush from the conference to pick her up and take her 50 miles to her game. Frankly, I'm wasted! (The Boo informs me that is an "old-fashioned" term; nevertheless it is descriptive of my current emotional and physical state).

I've been checking in during our 15 minute breaks and lunchtime, but really have only had about an hour in the morning to get a few posts up. The conference will be over on Friday at 4pm and hopefully, things will get back to normal around here by the weekend!

Until then, I'll be posting lightly, so check out some of the blogs in my blogroll.

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