Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Do you wonder whatever became of Sandy Berger, who quietly disappeared off the radar screen after he pleaded guilty almost one year ago, of intentionally removing and destroying copies of a classified document about the Clinton administration's record on terrorism?

Well, here's the latest:

Republican U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon and his Democratic opponent, Joe Sestak, appear to be off to a lightning start in their race for campaign cash.

Sestak, trying to demonstrate that he's a serious contender to dislodge Weldon from a seat he has held for two decades, said yesterday that he had raised $420,000 in just under two months as a candidate.
Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger helped host a Washington fund-raising event last week for Sestak. Weldon said Sestak should not have accepted aid from Berger because Berger pleaded guilty last year to removing classified documents from the National Archives.
Curt Weldon, as you may or may not remember is the person in Congress who has been trying to shed light on the Able Danger program from the Clinton years, which many people (including myself) suspect may have identified the 9/11 terrorists long before they actually acted.

That effort has run into many roadblocks. One of which may well be the disappearance of key national security documents in the pants and socks of Mr. Berger.

It is totally amazing to me how incurious the media are about this entire story, since they give lip service to trying to "connect the dots" of 9/11. Yet, somehow, if those "dots" don't lead to G.W. Bush and friends, the story is of no interest to them.

Yet, I find it extremely interesting. Especially in light of Berger's recent fund-raising activities of Sestak, who is running against Weldon.

Back many months ago, I speculated that Berger's bizarre behavior was connected to all this, in that the documents he conveniently "lost" might have illuminated some of those same "dots". See "A Motive For Berger's Bizarre Behavior?" and "Berger and Able Danger-Speculation, Part II.

One thing the felons and liars from the Clinton Administration and today's Democratic Party can always count on, however, is the remarkable--and pathological-- indifference of the press to that administration's culture of narcissism (to coin a phrase).

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