Monday, April 24, 2006


It's time for Dr. Sanity to practice a few touch and go's around the mental health blogsphere--or "psychsphere" if you prefer! What follows are some of the topics my fellow mental health professionals are blogging about.

In "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Rationality", GM at GM's Corner starts out discussing aging and cognitive decline; and then segues into the irrationality of many politicians; takes on the MSM, and finally the rampant BDS infecting the left. Obviously a great post since he quotes both ShrinkWrapped and myself!

Meanwhile a short hop over brings us toShrinkWrapped's site where a discussion of drugs, sex, rock and roll, and suicidality is underway. An excerpt:

The idea that we can proceed through life as if we are forever young, sustained by our adolescent sense of omnipotence and invulnerability, represents a form of suicidality masquerading as grandiosity. An adolescent who sniffs Cocaine at 19 may be troubled, may be destined for much more trouble in his future, but still is likely to survive his experimentation intact and has the chance to mature and repudiate the false euphoria that the drug offers in return for genuine life enhancing accomplishments. The aging depressed baby boomer risks his body and mind in return for an illusion of youthful power, freedom, and fleeting euphoria. They have chosen to avoid dealing with maturation in favor of a regressive return to the simplicity of drug intoxication. It is terribly sad, harmful to themselves and to their loved ones, and almost always ends in tragedy.
neo-neocon has a terrific post up about the Euston Manifesto--which is one positive sign that some people on the left have not completely lost sight of their liberal--and pro-freedom-- origins.

The super-sized profits at McDonald's are the topic at Dr. Helen's; and she thinks that if you want to take care of your health, you better take some responsibility --whether at McDonald's or Tofu Heaven. This dovetails nicely into what Dr. Bliss at Maggie's Farm is blogging about, as she takes on two economists who claim they can solve the problem of human unhappiness! They wish! Isn't it interesting that many people seem to think that our health and our happiness can only be achieved by government control?

Assistant Village Idiot meanwhile uses something he learned about marital therapy to understand some bloggers' attitudes towards certain presidents in a post titled "Always and Never".

And now, can you guess where we've touched down by this quote?

So the question is, in being inexplicably conceived and burped out of the cosmic voidgin, has time written us a check that eternity cannot cash? Is no body allowed to cross the phoenix line, or may we purchase a luxury corps at pentecost? Is the rend redeemable on our mirromortal garment, or are we nilled to a blank?
That's right! We've arrived at One Cosmos, the home of Gagdad Bob and his alter ego Petey. Bob only takles the BIG issues of life, the universe and everything! But he does it in a joyful style and has a lot of pun fun doing it! On this visit he's writing about "Gresham's Other Law: Bad Monkeys Drive Out Good".

Sigmund, Carl & Alfred versus the environmentalists. It's no match. The three analysts simply overwhelm:

How deeply can one hate oneself? Can we hate ourselves to death?
If you look around the liberal blogosphere and what passes for liberal thought today, we are all going to die soon. Global warming, use of fossil fuels, and depletion of fresh water by humans, are but a few examples of how we are ruining everything, forever. James Howard Kunstler solemnly states that 'this is a much darker time than 1938, the eve of World War II.' Jared Diamond (we wrote about his book, Guns, Germs and Steel) has a new book out, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive, in which he places us on the precipice of a total societal collapse. These writers and the media are bombarding us with doomsday scenarios. Oil depletion, global warming, bird flu, are the result of human selfishness, cruelty and moral depravity.
Read the whole piece! Shrinkette is blogging about medical marijuana and how all patients using it seem to attribute side-effects and other problems to something else! Interesting.

Also extremely interesting is a discussion at Not Really A Cowboy about how legless snakes might have evolved from lizards. Cool pictures.

Time to swing around and return to home base!

**NOTE: Blogging will be light-to-non-existant until later tonight; as I'm going to be in a conference all week from the wee hours of the morning until after five pm. I'm going to try to get a post up before I leave each morning (a tribute to my obsessivenss)--but I'm not guaranteeing anything!

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