Monday, April 17, 2006


Here's an extensive round-up of good news from Iraq, in case you thought there wasn't any. I thought this mild chastisement was rather appropriate:
The struggle to form a unity government in Iraq continues, but signs of hope are emerging. One of the sticking points continues to be Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari, who has so far refused to resign; however, on Sunday the Iraqi Shia Alliance reported it was close to a deal to replace him.

For a little perspective, travel back to the States, to the U.S. Senate and watch the immigration debate in the Senate. We've been doing democracy for several centuries now, and we can't get 100 politicians to agree on one issue. Considering we're the pros, we could cut the Iraqis a little slack as they continue to get the feel of this democracy-project thing.

Besides the note above, there is a lot of news that you just won't get if you read the MSM, who are currently reporting joyously the comments of former generals who agree with the left's defeatist agenda.

Two other little tidbits:
-American vehicles are to be fitted with a new anti-RPG system called Trophy. The system creates a force field around a vehicle:
The Trophy active protection system creates a "force field" that literally surrounds the protected vehicle. An APS has three basic elements, including threat detection and tracking of approaching projectiles, the launching of and Interception of the projectiles.

Trophy's "force field" consists of a barrier of invisible energy fragments (perhaps light particles charged by lasers) can sense incoming threats by recognizing heat signatures. RPG rockets and guided missiles give off heat as they approach their targets. These charged fragments are designed to destroy any incoming threat with low collateral damage, minimizing injury to troops and citizenry.

-The State Department issued a report on Iraq's economy. Iraq's economy as nearly doubled in the last three years. GDP rose by 2.6% last year, and is expected to rise by more than ten percent in 2006.

Betcha didn't know either of those things. Read it all.

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