Saturday, April 29, 2006


Dr. Sanity has enlisted as a proud member of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists! Go over to Captain's Quarters and find out how you can join to fight evil with your keyboard!

Achieving military success in this war is necessary and I deeply honor those who have taken on this task. Let the lunatic left who are willing to sell out this country and all it stands for joke all they want about "chickenhawks" and such; but it is on the field of ideas that the war will ultimately be won or lost. The totalitarian leftists in this country have made common cause with the totalitarian Islamofascists on the right. Both seek to impose their tyranny on the world.

So, here's to the Fighting Keebees, who stand for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the ultimate DEFEAT OF TYRANNY. [And, that includes all of you tyrants or tyrant wannabees out there in the blogsphere who are completely without a sense of humor; and/or who take those vapid and banal exhortations for "peace" so seriously you are unable to see that you represent the greatest threat to peace and freedom in the universe. All humorless and ideological cretins can just suck it up--because we mean you!]

We shall fight them on the op-ed pages, we shall fight in the worldwide web, we shall fight in the internet and in the blogs, we shall fight in the Democratic Underground; we shall never surrender!

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