Friday, April 07, 2006


At a dinner party the other night, I thought I had accidently stumbled through the looking glass into wonderland when one of the other guests began to grumble about the "horrible" economy. As is reflexive with Ann Arborites, they then all bemoaned the insensitive Bush administration which had destroyed the lives of millions of Americans because of Republican economic policies--which we all know cause poverty and despair.

Meanwhile, in the real world:
The US economy generated 211,000 jobs in March, surpassing analysts expectations and adding to confidence that economic growth has remained robust.

The consensus among economists had been for a more modest rise of around 195,000. However the good news was slightly offset by downward revisions to the previous two months data. Overall the average monthly job creation rate in the first quarter was 197,000 - comfortably above the 150,000 economists believe is necessary to absorb new workers entering the labour force.

The unemployment rate fell back to 4.7 per cent.

Somewhere, though, in the pleasant dreams and fantasies of progressives there remains the unshakeable conviction that economic life was idyllic under Clinton and that everything was better then. Data and facts to the contrary.

But everyone knows in their heart that George Bush and Republicans hate the poor; and that their evil policies are specifically designed to hurt poor people, the elderly, the disabled, Blacks, women, children, etc. [insert favorite victim group here].

And their feelings are all that matter.

UPDATE: Jayson at Polipundit has more data.

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