Monday, April 24, 2006


The Fjordman has a really impressive and extremely depressing piece up at the Gates of Vienna. In it, he discusses the ongoing devolution of Scandanavia into the leading edge of Eurabia:
This week, Olav Versto, political editor of the largest newspaper in Norway, VG, supported the decision to keep sending money to the Palestinian Hamas government. VG as a newspaper was created during the resistance to Nazi occupation during WW2. It is a sad day for this country and this continent when institutions that fought Nazi Germany end up appeasing the anti-democratic forces of our age. Darkness is descending upon Europe when Europeans are no longer safe in their own cities from harassment by Muslim immigrants, and the only thing our so-called leaders do about this is recommending a 500% increase in the number of Muslims by letting Turkey into the EU, giving more money to Islamic terrorists and working to silence “Islamophobia” by their own people. But remember, Eurabia is a conspiracy theory only American simpletons believe, and Fjordman is just a racist, right-wing nutcase. Our state-sponsored Leftist newspapers tell us so, so it must be true. Close your eyes and think of Arafat, and everything will be fine.

The essay must be read in its entirety to understand how western societies--such as those in Sweden and Norway-- are being destroyed from within as the multicultural and politcally correct mindset of the leadership has already let in the barbarians in the gate; and it is just a matter of time now until control is passed to their new overlords and jihadist masters.

It is a cautionary tale for those of us in America; particularly those who would like to close their eyes and pretend that it can't happen here.

But it can and is.

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