Wednesday, October 29, 2008

“You may have the rest of the media in the tank, but Fox News reports it straight.”

Megyn Kelly of Fox News takes down an Obamatron.

I like this video because it clearly shows how Obama goes in to kill the messenger--i.e., anybody who dares to expose his real agenda. It's fascinating how that messenger --e.g., Joe the Plumber or Fox News--then becomes the issue and not the holiness of the messiah himself--who is indisputably pure and perfect in the present (because he has no past).

And, while I am on the subject of Fox News, which does report it straight, as well as fair and balanced; I am definitely going to miss Brit Hume when he steps down after November 4.

Funny how much rage is directed at Hume's "almost pathological conservative bent" (the key word being "almost", since Fox is the ONLY channel with any significant amount of conservative leaning); as opposed to the clearly pathological leftist bent of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC etc. etc., which is rarely considered a problem. However, there are some signs that some people in the media are definitely waking up to reality.

UPDATE: Jeff Jacoby wonders if Obama intends to stifle his critics when (if) he becomes President. We have seen numerous signs in both the Democratic primary and in the general election that is exactly what he will do (see above for one of his favorite techniques--kill the messenger).

Thus we will have a perfect crossover experiment set up when the messiah reigns. For 8 years the left have been wailing that Bush has stifled their free speech; or that he was imminently going to stifle their free speech and trample on their rights; shred the Constitution; that he was going to impose a theocracy etc. etc. etc. (lace of space restrains me from listing all the accusations hurled at the BusHitler). No evidence to support such accusations has ever materialized, and the sheer number of [unrestrained, unjailed] voices raised in this outcry would seem to detract from their essential point.

I have maintained all along that these accusations are primarily a psychological projection on the part of the left; i.e., that it is they who in their deepest hearts wish to silence all opposition to their agenda--but since they don't want to face that unpleasant little reality about themselves, they outsource it to the other side. I therefore predict that under an Obama adminstration, these leftist hitler-wannabees will feel completely psychologically free to impose their dictates on all of us. They will stifle free speech (and call it "human rights" as they do in the so-called "human rights panels" of our socialist neighbors to the north); they will subvert the U.S. Constitution (and call it "social justice"); they will silence all opposition (and call it "fairness") and so on. We have already seen how a supposedly "post-racial" candidate who is going to "bring us all together" has wonderfully succeeded in advancing his entire campaign on accusations of racism and bigotry; it should not be much of a surprise to discover that the same psychological dynamic will infuse his Administration.

In fact, I predict the greatest suppression of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the history of our country.

The experiment is set to begin shortly after November 5th.

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