Saturday, October 18, 2008


(thanks to Mark Hemingway for the inspiration)

Paranoia will destroya
All those voices will decoya,
Except when polls are so factitious
you are right to get suspicious!

A recession brings depression;
It becomes your new obsession.
If you feel the pull of panic,
Then of course you must be manic.

Just a small short step to inchoate wrath
Is the journey of the psychopath;
But when you give in to hysteria
It will only build up fear in ya...

When you play the helpless victim card
And imply the other's racist.
You'll be hoist upon your own petard--
You're just gonna have to face it.

The dynamic in play is projection
And it puts your own traits in rejection;
To preserve your identity and self-esteem,
Turn to outright delusion, perchance to dream....

It's all a big fantasy utopian ideal--
You don't have to worry because it's not real;
Just enjoy the good life in this make-believe fairydom
It's the Hollywood rage--a leftist delerium.

The 21st century narcissist
Balls his hand into a fist...
He wants his way, and wants it now;
He's entitled, so you all must bow.

Politically avoid psychosis
(reality exists and you know it);
What's acceptable is mere neurosis --
But the PoMo rhetoric'll blow it.

Finally remember that to play this game
You must be halfway to insane
Going all the way could be prevented
If only pols weren't congentially demented.

The entire mess emits a stink
And makes me start to crave a drink....

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