Thursday, October 16, 2008


Byron York links to a Daily Kos piece titled "Crush their Spirits" by Kos himself:
I've been making the case the last couple of weeks that we can't just focus on winning in November, but that we have an imperative to take advantage of a historic opportunity to break the conservative movement's backs and crush their spirits. In the White House, that means getting Obama a broad popular and geographic mandate for change. In the House, that means annihilating the Republican caucus and working toward a 100-seat Democratic majority. In the Senate it means getting to a 60-seat filibuster proof majority.

Republicans will claim that McCain wasn't one of them, hence rationalizing away their loss. But if we decimate their ranks, including their conservative icons, it'll make it harder for them to justify their spin. Remember, we want them broken, their ranks thinned, their treasury in heavy debt, their morale in the gutter, void of any leadership, discredited in the eyes of the public.

Hence our need this year to take advantage of this perfect Democratic storm to not just win, but to utterly wipe the board clear of as many Republicans as we can catch in this wave.

A key component of this effort is to destroy their most beloved leaders. And in that sense, our Orange to Blue fundraising list targets some of the conservative movement's top leaders. Don't take my word for it, take that of conservative blogger/operative Patrick Ruffini, freaking out about the tsunami about to hit:
And while we all to some extent will continue to fixate on the Presidential race, we need to understand the very real consequences if the Senate is irredeemably lost, and if our bench in the House is wiped out. You may not know it, but conservative icons like John Shadegg (AZ-3) and Tom McClintock (CA-4) could lose.

Both AZ-03 and CA-04 are on our target list, with Bob Lord focused on taking out Shadegg, and Charlie Brown fighting McClintock.

There is a sudden realization on the right that they are on the precipice of losing not just their majorities, but some of their most cherished voices. We have been blessed with an opportunity to help that process along.

They're already expecting to lose. You want to see them truly crushed, you need to help (among so many others) Lord and Brown win their races.

Leave everything on the road.

And these people have the delusion that they are antiwar?

Too bad they can't direct their energy and incoherent rage toward the terrorist scum we've been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world. But it's understandable, they don't really see these fascist forces as a threat to their own brand of fascist ideology. In fact, their compatibility and identification with thugs of all persuasions has been consistent.

They collect and nurture their own hostility and aggression. using it only to attack those whose ideas presents a real threat to their existence--both psychological and physical. Thugs like Moulitsas can't really function in a world where ideas compete. They must exterminate all ideas that deviate from their utopian agenda.

Yes, as Kos suggests, a tsunami is about to hit, but it is a tsunami of thuggery and fascism. It is intended to destroy, not create wealth; it is intended to transiently elevate the poor by punishing the rich, so that soon everyone will live happily together in poverty (see the "spread the wealth" countries of the 20th century, e.g., the USSR, for confirmation of this reality. In fact,the communists are ecstatic because they think that with Obama, there time has come...again. "Zombies of the World Unite" may well be the slogan of the not quite dead marxists.

It is also a tsunami of political correctness and a overwhelming wave of hatred and contempt for every value that has made America great. In short it is a tsunami that celebrates death, oppression, and the pursuit of envy as its core values.

But, in the long run, guys, it ain't gonna work. First, because your ideology doesn't ever work in the real world.

Second, because when and if--since I don't buy your poll hype and can't help but notice that you are more than a little nervous about what might actually happen on election day; and are carefully laying the groundwork for the usual cries of "racism" and tvictimhood; already whining about why you will lose--the socialist "spread the wealth" policies you advocate still won't work.

You believe you are entitled to power, and if you don't get what you think you deserve, then watch how "antiwar" you behave. Watch how "peaceful" and "loving" you really are--oh wait! I forgot. People with your ideology lack even the most basic scrap of personal insight. Hence you are proactive about externalizing blame to preserve your self-esteem and sense of personal perfection.

But you are well and truly exposed. You fling around the word "racist", applying it to everyone you don't like, but you are the true racists; racists whose every thought and decision is saturated with a preoccupation with race.

Many people are working to make sure you don't get the opportunity to completely destroy this country and the wealth it creates; but should you carry out the threat so eloquently stated by the king of internet thugs, then we shall accord you precisely the same respect and support you have given to the current elected administration and the current Commander-in-Chief.

It may not be time to "go John Galt", but it will be time to strip away the delusions of adequacy and compassion your sick ideology continues to hype, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

I'm thinking that, should the day come when your messianic front man cons his way into the Oval Office with a unstoppable majority in the House and Senate, then a little D'Anconia or Danneskjold action might well be in order.

Or, to paraphrase Princes Leia (for those who haven't read Atlas Shrugged), "The tighter you clench your fist...the more star systems those who truly love and stand for freedom will slip through your fingers."

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