Saturday, October 18, 2008


Stanley Kurtz announces the following, (and I pass it around): FOX News is going to be airing a special report this weekend on Barack Obama’s background, associations, etc. I did a long taped interview for the show, and I expect that parts of it will be used. The report is scheduled to air today (Saturday) at 9PM ET, Sunday at 5AM ET, and again on Sunday at 2PM ET.

I know that even Obama mocks Fox News, but IMHO, it is the only news worth watching and listening to these days; which is to say, that it is the only news that is 'fair and balanced', presenting both the views of people on the right and the left. All the other major news outlets are hopelessly left-leaning--and hysterically blind about it to boot. The reporters on the other networks actually have this fantasy that they present the news and do interveiws in a "neutral" manner. Thus, they don't bother to compensate for their own biases since they firmly refuse to accept that they have any.

Frankly, it's laughable that they think themselves as somehow "better" than the reporters at Fox.

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