Sunday, October 19, 2008


Time for the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

Keep those entries coming in every week, and try to get them to me by Saturday. If you have questions, go here before submitting an entry. You can also submit an entry via Blog Carnival.

Try to make it funny, ironic, or clearly insane, people...I get a lot of "self-help" stuff that doesn't seem particularly funny or even ironic to me--and, if it doesn't seem that way to me, then its likely it won't be included-- unless it just happens to fit in with one of the COTI themes for the week.

Also, a link back to the Carnival if your submitted post is included would be appreciated...and some extremely harsh penalties await those who do not comply with this simple and reasonable request!


1. Just a guy in his 'neighborhood'.... right? Must have been fun in that office building.

2. An enemy of the State? OK, they're officially insane. Let's have some intentional non-humor about it. WTF?? Some people are pretty upset. And to top it off, he once Alaska!

3. Before Joe, there was Vicky. Free Joe the Plumber! Plumbers of the country, Unite! Can we call him a socialist now? Or, is that racist? Toxic if taken internally!

4. Would it be too much to expect him to have accomplished something before being coronated? He's good at throwing people under the bus, though.

5. Not grandiose or anything, are we? This is getting a bit absurd. Dear Leader? I can't believe it's not butter earned.

6. But he's very civil, indeed. And the rage and hate continues. Just feeeeel the hate....Meanwhile the ugly desperation of the McCain campaign lurches out of control, and McCain goes negative... on himself....

7. Definitive translation of most recent Adam "Mr. Al Qaeda" Gedahn video! In America, Rage is all the rage.

8. Don't tell Harry Reid about this--besides, it probably wouldn't help much anyway. As good a theory as any; certainly a lot more believable than the theories about the maternity of Trig Palin.

9. Voter registration fraud doesn't mean voter fraud...does it? Does it? Besides, they don't need ACORN's help to commit voter registration fraud! They don't need much, really to get votes (including brains).

10. It's like joining "Christians for the Devil" or "Mets fans for the Yankees".....There are focus groups and out of focus groups.

11. Nevermind.... Oh, wait! (that one is really Him) The last refuge of the lunatic left? Or should I all them the 'clueless' left?

12. Dear Tina, Don't leave Earth! Just SNL. I'm not gonna lie...

13. The dollar reacts to Wall St. Woes. Time for a lynching? But who's really to blame? Too bad they hung the wrong suspect. The doomboosters.

14. Giving away taxpayer money can be fun! Try it yourself! Now this makes me happy!

15. Democrats improving the ethical climate of Washington...yeah, right--they're even failing the lobbyists!. But it's ok for them to be unethical because they do it for a good cause.

16. Political figures as a model of adult behavior...come on! Just a little hint for all you undecided voters out there...

17. An inconvenient decline...and that's the truth. I thought global warming was responsible! Obsessives rejoice! It's Global Handwashing Day!

18. Sting beats up a kid? How fragile we are. Age 12? Really? I would have guessed about 8.

19. The perils of speeding. The perils of space. The perils of adventurous eating! The perils of taking photos.

20. Something you can really bet on. Could this have altered US history?

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