Saturday, October 18, 2008


Bill Ayers and Barack Obama shared an office. Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop, the one Obama directed all that money too is located at 115 S. Sangamon Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607 ...

In 1998, the address for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where Obama presumably worked, was 115 S. Sangamon Street, Chicago, Illinios 60607. Here’s a copy of their 1998 tax return with that address...

Now remember, the NY Times described Obama and Ayers as having “crossed paths.” Ben LaBolt, Obama’s spokesman said:
Mr. LaBolt said the men first met in 1995 through the education project, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and have encountered each other occasionally in public life or in the neighborhood.

I’m going to suggest that two guys working in the same building for a period of years probably crossed paths pretty often. For all we know, they had lunch together on a daily basis. Maybe, in an effort at conservation, they were even carpool buddies. After all, Ayers is a guy from Obama’s neighborhood.

Go take a look.

Just some guy in his neighborhood, huh? What else are we going to find out after the election, I wonder? Is it going to trickle out that they knew each other when Obama was at "AWOL" Columbia?

Just look at the pattern of deceit and obfuscation related to Obama's connections. Look at how fast he distances himself from relationships he's had for decades.

This is the behavior of someone who is hiding something that is potentially threatening/devastating to his ambitions. Isn't anyone worried about what that something might be?

UPDATE: From Zombie, comes this bombshell
On December 21, 1997, Barack Obama wrote a short review of William Ayers’ book A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court, which had recently been published by Beacon Press. Here’s a photo of how the review appeared in the Chicago Tribune:

Go to the link for the photo of the review. This was before the newspaper had digital files, so it actually took SOME INVESTIGATIVE WORK for Zombie to find the article in a ....library.

Isn't this something journalists used to do before they became proponents of 'social justice' instead of 'news'? (BTW, this is important so I have also included it in the COTI post)

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