Monday, October 27, 2008


This is a great clip from O'Reilly related to Bill Ayers, where Ayers calls the police on a Fox Reporter:

First, note that Ayers is depending on the police (I believe they were known as "pigs" by the Weather Underground) to rescue him from the evil Fox News; and second, there is one point where Ayers tells the reporter, "you're on my property now, get out." But, hey! Spread the wealth man! It's everyone's property, don't you know?

Ironic isn't it, that this idiot who has worked his entire life to bring down American capitalism, when stressed must rely on something as historically antiquated as "property rights"?

I suggest that all nearby homeless people immediately make a beeline for the property that Ayers seems to think he owns and wants the police to protect for him. But doesn't it seem clear that Ayers must be social parsite who stole his wealth from the hard work and sweat of the poor oppressed masses?

The mighty marxist radical seems to be under the ideological delusion that he is entitled to property rights? What a capitalist/imperialist swine, comrades. Property rights? He needs a little re-education from his friends Hugo and Fidel.

Notice how it's always the other guy's wealth and/or property they want to redistribute...

Guilty as a Marxist, Free as a Capitalist; America, what a great country!

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