Tuesday, October 07, 2008


..especially when it comes to issues of psychiatry and psychopathology. Clearly this person doesn't even know what he's talking about when he references the "DSM-IV" (I wonder where he received his medical degree? Where did he do his psychiatric residency? Does he think the DSM is asome sort of popular magazine like Reader's Digest--or a set of "talking points"?)

It may come as a shock to the author, but anger happens to be a normal and necessary human emotion that all of us mortals experience. Yes, all. Even Marshall's hero, the Holy Barack Obama.

To suggest that anyone who says the Dear Leader is angry or touchy must have some sort of diagnosable psychopathology is, in itself, a product of a very sick mind. The same sort of mind that sees racism in any questioning of the Obamessiah's associations. This psychological maneuver is called projection , and I guarantee you it isn't even mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV edition-- because projection is not a psychiatric diagnosis. Sometimes the left is so busy projecting about psychological projection that they don't even realize that reality and insight are in the rear view mirror.

Frankly, pseudo-pop-psychologists like Marshall haven't a clue about either psychology or psychiatry, but that clearly doesn't stop them from opining on it anyway.

In fact, I'll bet he hasn't even read the DMS-IV, or any other diagnostic manual. Otherwise he might know that emotions are not diagnoses; and neither are psychological defense mechanisms.

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