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If you haven't been following Sigmund, Carl & Alfred's latest series of posts on the Middle East, then you have missed a comprehensive and in-depth behavioral analysis of the Israel-Palestinian conflict; beginning with the birth of Israel after the devastation wrought in World War II, to the present-day global implications of the Arab inability to cope with Israel's incredible success, let alone its reality.

Birth of a nation, a garden blooms
Temptations And Choices
The Poison
The Promise
The Third Rail Of Palestinan Failure.

In the last piece, Siggy notes:
The Palestinians, as a group and as a society, have failed. Unlike other Arabs in the region, they live in close proximity to a vibrant and free society. They know and see the benefits of what living in a free society means. They also know to acknowledge Israel’s successes, they have to acknowledge their own failures. Culturally, that is too high a price to pay.

The cycle of violence is not simply destined to perpetuate itself- the cycle of violence is reinforced and ever escalating. Dysfunctional behaviors that were unknown or unheard before have become commonplace.The self destructive behavior of the Palestinians comes about as the result of the integration of exaggerated love and exaggerated hate into a fused single exaggerated emotion. What distinguishes the two becomes no more than a blurred idea. Thus, violence directed at each other is a appropriate as violence directed at the Israelis.

This kind diseased thinking is not just about violence. Even the wildest conspiracy theories, widely welcomed and accepted, become a reflection of a dysfunctional defense mechanism and absurdity. As Arab religious and political leaders whip crowds into a wild frenzy, warning of ‘Jewish plots’ to control the world, these same religious and political leaders have no trouble promising that ‘Muslims all over the world will work together to control the world’ and that the ‘flag of Islam will fly over the White House’ and the British Parliament. Those who resist will be destroyed.

These kinds of projections are used by religious and political leaders to control and feed the fantasy with the intoxication of absolute power....

There is a difference between backward societies and failed ones. Backward societies are unaware of the possibilities in front of them. Failed societies have squandered the opportunities that have been afforded them.

Two good companion pieces are ShrinkWrapped's Pity the Poor Anti-Semite and The Suicidal Core of the Anti-Semite. Shrink writes:
The Nations of the Muslim Middle East should be among the wealthiest in the world, yet they have done less with more than any people in history. Their massive failure is not coincidental but is inseparable from their anti-Semitism; unless there is a change in their soul-sickness, they will destroy any hope their people can ever have in becoming part of the successful, modern world of possibilities.

The two posts examine the self-imposed inferiority of the anti-Semite; and how the anti-Semite, in attacking the people they have built into demi-Gods, must necessarily lose their battle against them. With only hatred left to fuel his passions, the core of the anti-Semite has no room left to develop the positive emotions required to build a functioning society.

If you truly want to understand how destructive psychological denial, projection and paranoia are on a societal level, you can find no better example in the history of the world than present-day Palestinian society, which embodies all the worse aspects of human nature; and whose dysfunction has been embraced and championed by the entire Middle East , as well as many of the intellectual elites of the world.

In the escalating psychopathology of the Palestinians you can begin to see and understand the core premises and abnormal psychology that fuels the terrorist/jihadist vision, which is based on a hatred so consuming, it has not only destoyed the very soul of the Palestinian people, but it threatens to envelop the entire world with its madness.

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