Monday, April 30, 2007


Look upon me you foolish mortals and tremble!

Apparently through some warp in the space-time continuum, the TTLB ECOSYSTEM has me listed as #1 and a Higher Being!!!

I know and you know that this is fair and just and how things should be. However, I suspect that there is a glitch somewhere that caused this frabjous day to come to pass. Instapundit is number 35,000 or so (an Insignificant Microbe). Heh.

Let's see how long it will last! Congratulations to all the newly promoted Higher Beings:

Higher Beings

1.Dr. Sanity (4462) details
2.Dumb Ox Daily News (4219) details
3.Church and State (3893) details
4.The Right Nation (3788) details
5.Rightwing Guy (3744) details
6.Reject the U.N. (3700) details
7.The Daily Dish (3629) details
8.IRAQ THE MODEL (3415) details
9.Don Surber (3280) details
10.Sillie Lizzie's Rock (3207) details

UPDATE: (3:11pm) Drat and curses! Foiled in my dreams of planetary conquest yet again! The infinite improbability drive has been turned off and the ecosystem has emerged from the probability warp and returned to normal....well, I was Queen for a [part of a] day.

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