Thursday, April 05, 2007


Democratic Congress: "We will not have intercourse with that global war on terror."

Admittedly, it was not an ideal term. But it helped to organize strategic thinking about global Islamofascism.

To eradicate the use of the term and simply refer to the different parts of this struggle against fascism individually is simply an attempt to pretend that this larger struggle--which has many individual elements around the world-- does not really exist.

They've been insisting this is the case all along.

And their recent shameful votes for their favorite pork and to ensure victory for the enemy, along with the spectacle of Nancy Pelosi, majority leader extraordinaire, cavorting around in the Middle East in her cute headscarf, drives home their enabling behavior with a vengeance; and provides a wealth of psychological support for the very people busy killing our troops and planning the next 9/11.

Let's watch and see shall we, just how far these pathetic losers are willing to go to sell out this country in order to gratify their malignantly narcissistic personal and ideological power agendas? Soon, we will be hearing how patriotic it is to do exactly that--because they will surely insist on redefining the word "patriotism" in the best postmodern tradition; and if they are prevented from doing that, they will simply ban its usage!


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