Saturday, April 14, 2007


Jeff Goldstein brings up an excellent point in his post "When is "denial" not denial":

A: When it’s taking a courageous stand on behalf of sinister conspiracies and the greater truthiness. From feministing, “You will not shame me”

You must read it all, but I want to specially highlight his conclusion, which I think is fabulous:

You will not be shamed?

Too bad. Because until you are, you will never learn what it means to be the kind of American envisioned by the rich white males who put together the Constitution, a Constitution under whose protections you seek to dehumanize individuals in the service of a collectivist ideology.

And Ace sums it up by saying, "Feminsting Bloggerette: I Will Not Be Shamed Into Accepting Reality."

At any rate, Jeff got me thinking about the general answer to the question, when is "denial" not denial....?

Believe it or not, there are still some morons people who think this country is imminently going to be taken over by a Christian theocracy. These people are really big on conspiracy theories about Christians, even as their dimwitted Democratic representatives in Congress are cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood (a really nice bunch of guys) .

Some of you will likely appreciate that this is not just denial and displacement, but unparalleled idiocy of the highest order.

They are fearful of Christianity. They are willing to support and encourage--even embrace Islam--particularly the radical, fascist, homicidal ones.

Or, How about when denial is so frankly paranoid and delusional that it expresses delight in the death of thousands--when they are Americans? People with this degree of paranoia are more often found on psychiatric wards--not running for public office; or, for that matter making millions of dollars in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile the Democrats are obsessed with Karl Rove's emails, but remain spectacularly uninterested in the documents that were in Sandy Berger's pants. As Mort Kondracke noted last night on Brit Hume's News Hour, they are acting like this is basically "Watergate-- without any crime being committed." No burgulary, no arrest; not even any impropriety.

The Democrats are so desperate to make this administration perceived as at least as corrupt as the last one, they keep coming up with bogus scandal after bogus scandal to entertain the public.

Now, is this denial? Or simple Democratic despicableness? I won't sully psychiatric terminology--as bad as it is-- by referring to their behavior in this instance as "denial". True denial is unconscious and automatic. The Democrats and the left have made many conscious choices, allowing their denial and paranoia to go mainstream-- and they are actually proud of it.

I could go on, but you get the point. On almost every issue--from the important ones that are critical to the survival of our society; to the trivial ones, the left and the Democrats routinely come down squarely on the side of either unconscious denial, displacement, projection and paranoia; or on the side of stupidity, ignorance, malevolence and pettiness.

The latter are simply the conscious manifestations of a mentality that prefers to ignore reality.

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