Thursday, April 12, 2007


It snowed here in Ann Arbor yesterday. The weather has been cold and gloomy for days; and, although I generally enjoy the singular beauty of winter, experiencing it in mid-April completely fails to meet my wonder threshold.

In other words, I am literally and figuratively feeling 'under the weather' and I'm going to take a day off from all the insanity and work on a few projects I've been putting off for months. Or, alternatively, I might just watch some favorite movies, or read a good book, or talk to friends; or just sleep until it gets warmer.

A person's got to keep a sense of perspective in this crazy world--especially if they don't want to get sucked up into the wierd and lose touch with the real.

Somewhere out there in all the freezing rain and dark cloudiness is a beautiful day waiting to be discovered; and I intend to chase a bit of blue sky until I find it.

Back blogging later!

UPDATE: If you absolutely MUST have some insanity today, then proceed immediately to the Weekly Whacky Awards, where the usual madness is collected for all to admire.

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