Monday, November 27, 2006


It has been a mere 20 days since the American electorate voted to give the party of no ideas (or, what I have consistently called the "party of nothing") control of the House and Senate.

What a difference a few weeks makes!

In this relatively short span of time, the enemies of civilization have been emboldened beyond their wildest imaginings. Indeed, their joy at this not-wholly-unexpected coup can barely be contained. The violence everywhere has escalated; the assasinations can now go on unopposed--because there is even more reason to suppose that the gormless U.S. will not respond.

While the American public and the Democrats have not quite grasped the truth yet, it is completely apparent to the political left and their Islamofascist religious associates that the ascendency of the Democrats ensures both their short and long-term victory in all areas.

Many people reading this will pooh-pooh the above analysis, dismissing it with a simple, "Oh! That is far too harsh, Dr. Sanity! Let's just give the Democrats a chance."

But you see, the Democrats have actually had a chance for the last six years, and for anyone watching them, it has been clear as a bell that they have had no intention of actually doing anything. They have brought forth no ideas or solutions; they have failed to work together with the Republicans toward an American victory; and they have basically opposed every single initiative, plan or idea for one reason and one reason only: because it comes from the BusHitler regime. Their only motivation and goal since the election of 2000 has been to undo anything that the Bush Administration does.

UNDOING is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person attempts though contrary behavior to ward off threatening thoughts or feelings. Undoing can also be a convenient way to 'explain away' habits or behaviours that are not considered in line with an individuals' (or group's) personality; and, finally, by using the defense of undoing, one can rid oneself of gnawing feelings of guilt by compensating the injured party either symbolically or actually. Undoing can be thought of as the behavioral component of reaction formation, a psychological defense in which any unacceptable thoughts or feelings are turned into their opposite.

The Democrats have a lot of undoing to do. They must make themselves a religion party of "peace"; they must prove that they are "reality-based" and that the idea of spreading democracy and freedom in the world is a stupid delusion; they must, in short, wipe the Bush Administration off the map; as if it never existed. Because if they can do that, they can go back to pretending that there is no real threat from terrorism--only from Bush and Cheney.

Now that the Democrats are in charge, they can easily segue from expressing their dysfunctional emotions about this to actually acting on those dysfunctional emotions.

In the last 20 days we have just seen the tip of the iceberg of all the undoing the Democrats plan as they take us back to the good old days of the 20th century when we were all bright, happy and completley clueless about the rising tide of barbarism that would engulf the planet. Let's look at just a few of the undoing strategies that have already become apparant:

- Democrats are working overtime to find a rhetorical solution--not one in the real world, of course, but one that allows them to cling to the belief that they are morally righteous and reality based (the word "honorably" is being thrown around a lot; as is "realism") even as they betray all principles and values; abandon the fledgling democracy in Iraq and quickly surrender to the enemy.

- As part of the new "realism" they hope to engage through dialogue the regimes of Iran and Syria. The same Iran and Syia who have been rearming Hezbollah in Lebanon since the cease-fire with Israel. This certainly will be welcome by those regimes who have responded in an appropriately peace-loving and conciliatory manner.

- Not content with abandoning Iraq, there are also plans for betraying Lebanon! The foreign policy wing of the Democratic Party (i.e., the NY Times) proposes what has been needed all along is simply the appropriate expressions of scorn, isolation and sactions (which worked so well in the 90's). Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran are probably trembling....with laughter.

- It is necessary for the Democrats to put the military back in its "appropriate" low place in the heirarch American society. The Democrats wouldn't want a military made up of people with valor and courage; they prefer a military of victims and losers. Charles Rangel leads that charge, along with the equally vapid comedic malfunctions of John Kerry.

- Finally, there is the absolute ultimate undoing, proposed yesterday by Jonathan Chait in the LA Times.

And, don't forget about all the committees the Democrats can now set up to impeach, blame, deny and distort--not only about foreign policy, but domestic as well. They can always count on the MSM's devoted support, and in moments of extremis, they can always use the same talking points of the Islamic fanatics they hope to peacefully engage in dialog and diplomacy. You know, those talking points that inevitably blame America and Israel for everything.

In short, the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Democrats and the left, as well as their ongoing appeasement, enabling and outright support of the enemies of western civilization (just another oppressed victim group from their perspective) continues to reach new lows every single day. And, there is every reason to expect that they will always find a way to dig deeper and with ever more hysteria.

As a psychiatrist and blogger, I look forward to observing and commenting on their ever-increasing psychopathological behavior. From that perspective, the next two years should be quite fascinating as the Democrats strive to undo the last six years, and triumphantly open the gates of civilization to the barbarians waiting just outside.

Fun times, indeed.

UPDATE: Siggy expands this morning on the specific role of the MSM in all this Democratic undoing hysteria. The MSM have been actively undoing the Bush foreign policy activities as fast as they can. They have promoted terrorist propaganda and denigrated our own military in order to do it; they have emphasized anything which makes the current administration look bad and given evil a free pass, focusing instead on any instance of American ineptitude as evidence of unmitigated American evil. Meanwhile the unmitigated evil of the enemies of civilization continues unabated, sure in the knowledge that they, too, can count on the western media to support and enable their goals.
In publishing the IRIN fantasy as ‘news,’ Reuters highlights the difference between themselves and Nazi era media outlets. Those German media outlets were forced to report the lies and deceit and of the Third Reich.

Reuters and most of the mainstream media are perfectly happy to report the ‘party line’ and agenda as real news, willingly and without coercion. They cannot be expected to be taken seriously.

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