Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. - George Santayana

Dennis Prager can't help noticing the irony:
In this week's New York Times Book Review, a historian reviewing a major new work of 20th-century history, Oxford and Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson's "The War of the World," notes that "Ferguson argues that the Western powers should have gone to war in 1938, which would most likely have avoided much of the horror of World War II . . . . "

Imagine that. The New York Times publishes a favorable book review of a book arguing that a pre-emptive war in 1938 would have saved tens of millions of lives aside from preventing the Holocaust, "without parallel . . . the most wicked act in all history."

You have to wonder if the Times' editors and all their allies on the Left, who have spent the last four years mocking the very notion of pre-emptive war, read this review.

Whatever incapacity for self-doubt George W. Bush's critics charge him with, it has been more than matched by his political enemies. They are as certain as human beings can be that the invasion of Iraq was wrong from the outset because no nation should ever engage in a pre-emptive war, since such wars, they contend, are inherently immoral, not to mention illegal.

You must certainly read the entire article. I think Prager is exactly right that the unprecedented cruelty and wanton barbarism and bloodshed exhibited by those we are currently fighting in Iraq is historically unprecedented and could not have been envisioned by anyone developing post-war plans. This is an enemy who has no desire to win the "hearts and minds" of the people of Iraq to their cause. They simply ruthlessly kill as many Iraqis as they possibly can.

This is how muslim treats muslim, despite the bullshit religious brotherhood rhetoric. Does anyone doubt that the ideology that drives such unbridled evil will hesitate even one moment to use nuclear, biological and/or chemical weapons against non-muslim populations if it had the chance?

George Bush made the correct moral choice in going into Iraq and eliminating Saddam Hussein as a threat. Those who claim this war is somehow immoral have their priorities and their morality completely warped. No one is saying that mistakes have not been made--what war has ever occured without mistakes --except in the bubble that passes for a brain in the leftist utopian? The essential morality of confronting this kind of evil pre-emptively should be obvious to any student of 20th century history.

Iraq has revealed the enemy for what it truly is--a mindless, death-worshipping ideology that cannot be reasoned with; cannot be appeased; and cannot be ignored. We cannot walk--or run-- away from it; we cannot make deals with it-- not in Iraq; not in Iran; not in Lebanon; not in Gaza; and not anywhere this malignant anti-human, anti-life, anti-freedom ideology has taken root. Either we fight it now, no holds barred, knowing that we are all that stands between the forces of death and destruction and those of life-- or we will be doomed to suffer even more of their barbarism in the near future.

And the horrors of the last world war will seem like a children's cakewalk compared to what the latest batch of totalitarian monsters have planned.

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