Sunday, November 05, 2006

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH...And That's No Joke

And he's only the junior senator from Massachusetts!

Jules Crittenden notes today:
It’s that time of the election cycle when we get ready to take one for the team. I’m talking about conservatives. Here in Taxachusetts.

Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank and Mike Dukakis. Gay marriage and Willie Horton. The strictest gun controls in the nation, and gun violence is skyrocketing. John Kerry, still reporting for duty....

But to view the national stage from Massachusetts is to know the bitter truth that our state plays an important role in America’s political theater. Every two years, bluest blue Massachusetts sends in the clowns. We show America what could be and America generally sees it and acts accordingly: runs in the other direction.

From Kerry’s insulting jibes at our troops, to the efforts by Kennedy and others in our delegation to undermine a wartime presidency and give Euro-style socialism a foot-hold in the New World, Massachusetts gives America its bogeymen.

And John Brummet wonders, "Can't Kerry just go away?"
Many months ago, I penned a column asking John Kerry to go away, or at least back to the U.S. Senate to pursue elder statesmanship instead of further national political ambition.

Alas, he has not done so.

So, the Democrats must try to win the midterm elections while carrying Big John on their backs as they endeavor to extract his big foot from his big mouth.

I'm not sure they have either the strength or dexterity.

And I thought it was bad living in Ann Arbor!

What the state of Massachusetts--and the entire Democratic Party--needs is some sort of intensive group therapy to help them learn to control the dysfunctional enabling behavior they exhibit toward the politico-narcissists in their lives.

Sometimes you just have to set some firm term limits.

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