Friday, November 10, 2006


I got word early this morning that I was to be discharged home this afternoon! Hallejulah. I can't believe this ordeal that I have been dreading for so many months is actually over. In point of fact, it isn't, of course; there is lots of physical therapy to go, but for me the hardest part was always the surgery and its immediate aftermath

The pain, which was quite bad the first day or so has leveled out to very bearable and I'm told it will get better every day. The amount of pain medication I have to use has already been cut in half. Today I learned how to go up and down stairs; and do simple things like get up out of a chair. I even got my very own walker (talk about feeling old!)

I am so grateful for everyone's encouragement (well, almost everyone) and good wishes. Doctors make the very worse patients and tend to be grouchy and irritable when taking orders from others. I am typical in that regard--and perhaps even more whiny and demanding than others.

I also really appreciate Neo , Shrink and Siggy taking the time to post here at Dr. Sanity over the last several days. They'll continue to help me out until Sunday when I expect to resume full-time blogging duties.

UPDATE: I'm home!

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