Wednesday, November 22, 2006

IT NEVER ENDS--A Rant Before Thanksgiving

**CAUTION**There is no question that I am in a lousy mood; I am in pain and very tired of being a semi-invalid. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, that quintessential American holiday when we give thanks for our many blessings. But before I sincerely offer up my thanks for all the good things in my life, I feel the need to rant a bit about the world situation. So, beware.

Perhaps this is why U.S. Air acted with remarkable dispatch to get six suspicious people off their flight from Minneapolis-St.Paul to Phoenix:
It just never ends.

Islamic terrorists’ endless fascination with explosives and Western passenger jets exhibited itself most recently last Friday in Germany where six Arabs were arrested for plotting to blow an airliner out of the sky with a suitcase bomb. The terrorist attack was probably to occur last summer during soccer’s World Cup tournament that Germany was hosting, most likely to ensure as big an audience as possible for the heinous crime. The targeted aircraft is believed to have been Israeli.

What makes this particular case perhaps more frightening than others involving airplanes, Islamists and bombs, however, is that none of the plotters planned to give up his own life to commit yet another aerial mass murder of infidels, but rather they enlisted the help of a worker at Frankfurt Airport who, for a price, was willing to smuggle the deadly suitcase onto the El Al plane. The French recently suspended 72 workers from Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris with connections to terrorist groups, about 60 of whom had ties to radical Islam.

One German newspaper report said some of the arrested cell members were Palestinians from Jordan, while the others were from different Middle Eastern countries. Five of the six suspects were released from custody on Saturday after a hearing. Preliminary proceedings have been launched against them for membership in a terrorist organization, although German papers reported it was not yet clear whether the plotters belonged to al Qaeda or a similar terrorist outfit, or to an autonomous group. The police are also investigating other suspects in the case, who are involved the plot’s background.

Investigators stumbled onto the homicidal conspiracy during an eavesdropping operation regarding drug offenses. The scheme was still in the early planning stages; the price to load the suitcase onto the plane had still not been agreed upon between the Islamists and the airport worker, showing that murderous Muslim extremists at least respect the free market when it comes to killing their fellow human beings. Nine apartments in Mainz and Wiesbaden were also searched when the suspects were arrested and taken into custody.

Is anybody else sick of this shit? How many of these kind of plots--hundreds? thousands?--have to be broken-up before we realize that these sick, perverted bastards want to indiscriminantly kill us? I have no more sympathy left for the "moderates" of Islam, who have failed to do anything about this except whine about "Islamophobia". Even psychiatrists realize that you are not paranoid if they really are out to get you--and a significant number of the followers of Islam really really want to kill us. I'm tired of waiting for the so-called "moderates" to do something, since it appears that they either cannot or will not. It is not enought to say anymore that you are against such things being done in the name of your religion, if you also excuse, justify, and apologize for the dysfunctional behavior of the most extreme adherents.

Everywhere you turn, those extreme adherents are using our technology; our laws; and our essential goodwill and tolerance to leverage their homicidal agenda. I have always believed in "live and let live", and I have nothing against those Muslims who want to live in peace.

But I am sick to death of the violent and endlessly rioting Palestinian victimhood cult; of Saudi duplicity and hate-mongering; of warped Iranian mullahs egging on psychotic Iranian presidents; of suicidal and mindlessly rioting Arab youth; of brainless and illiterate imams; of Syrian assassins and serial murders; of the arrogantly murderous thugs of Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, Al-Qaeda and all their ilk. I am nauseated because what is being done in the name of Allah--God-- is nothing more than unbelievable and unrelenting evil; and that an outrageous number of the medieval and pathological leaders of this religion are far too interested in all aspects of mass-murdering technology and seem to worship only death and destruction.

And, even more than all that, I am thoroughly disgusted with all western leaders who continually seek to appease what cannot be appeased; who in their cowardly fashion spout multicultural and politically correct nonsense as they sell-out Western values and freedoms; who want to endlessly "dialogue" with barbarians; who want to protect the rights of those who want to kill us; and denounce anyone who has the courage to stand up to the monsters of Islam. I am filled with inarticulate anger at the western media who, rather than fulfilling its historic mission to tell truth to power, now uses its enormous power to silence the truth.

Last but certainly not least, is the contempt I feel for those on the political left who appease, enable, support, excuse and rationalize all of it.

No, it never ends; nor will it ever end. The sad truth is that it will only get worse -- unless we coldly, rationally, and deliberately muster up the will and decide once and for all to counter and eliminate this menace wherever it has metastasized.

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