Sunday, November 19, 2006


Image hosted by Time for the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

Send all entries for next week's carnival to Dr. Sanity by 8 pm ET on Saturday for Sunday's Carnival. Only one post entry weekly per blogger, please. And you might read this before submitting an entry.

Thanks for all the submissions. I try to use as many as possible! SO MANY INSANITIES! SO LITTLE TIME!!!

1. Is it just me, or are weird religions on the rise everywhere? And speaking of religions, say hello to...the weather God ! A fart for Ramadan? Why do I suspect that's blasphemous? Nevertheless, religion never disappoints!

2. Shocking research results! You mean that people who talk incessantly abouthow much they care , don't actually do anything? Amazing. More shocking research results!

3. Democratic memories are pretty short....but they stand up for what they believe in at the moment! Pre-op vs. Post-op . Bold plans to fix this country--of the botox variety. Appearance is everything to these people. Get off our team! The caribou are leaving by the droves!

4. A message from the Al Qaeda Commander in Iraq.

5.. OTOH, both our political parties are pretty dreadful.... Growl.

6. Liberal fools and TV spoofs!

7. Breaking up is hard to do. Except for some lunks maybe...

8. Everything can always be blamed on the Jews. There are "refugees" and then there are refugees.

9. The "equalizer" -- they all look the same!

10. The Playstation Jihad... Auto jihad... Jihad Puzzle.

11. The nursery rhyme police?

12. "Balls-out beauty"? Or, dickhead art critics?

13. Just another marketing ploy? Seeing red. Name abuse?

14. What some people did for entertainment in 1974. What some people do today.

15. Winning that battle with time.

16. Definitely appropriate punishment. Can you guess who "Celebrity A" is?

17. You gotta love this guy. Why can we find out about it only in India's newspapers?

18. Good Lord: to make relieving oneself a bit less stressful for transgender people and other folks who feel uncomfortable with standard gender labeling.

19. Why the poor dears.

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