Saturday, July 15, 2006

CASTRO--Within The Dustbin of History?

Rumors of Castro's death are are persisting.

We're going on day four of the latest fidel castro is dead rumors. Here are a couple more uncorroborated reports and speculations:
- Hugo Chavez supposedly took an "urgent flight" to Cuba yesterday afternoon along with other high ranking Cuban officials. Details or news accounts of same unavailable.
- Granma once again published articles profiling Raul Castro, heir apparent to the dictator throne.
- WHPC reports that there is much action in Cuba at the moment, with reports from Granma stating that workers are "waging a fierce battle" in attempts to have construction and other related project complete for a huge July 26 island wide celebration. WHPC also speculates that said projects and celebration and construction may be some kind of secret preparations for an elaborate state funeral for the bearded dictator.

I understand that this is all possibly wishful thinking. But it would be nice if it were true. And despite the daily propaganda of Hugo's regime (which only makes me take the rumor more seriously), the despot can't live forever. I have already offered a prayer for him. Here is another poem that is appropriate for the occasion:


That time in the sixties you made your point
And celebrated with a joint;
Protesters stood cheering by,
And everyone of them was high.

To-day, you dwell within that past,
Desperate that your theories last,
But sadly, they have been debunked,
And Marx himself has been depunked.

Smart man, to slip into a haze
Where always is the dialectic praised,
And all your dreams might come to be
Untouched by life's reality.

Eyes that glittered with fanatic passion
Cannot forever be in fashion,
And slogans chanted from those marches
Have given way to Golden Arches

Once you weren't just antiwar
You understood what you were for,
But then the shit, it hit the fan--
The cause had died before the man

And after all the echoes faded,
The deaths and miseries paraded,
The consequences of your cause
Its inhumane and fatal flaws

You choose to close your eyes instead,
It's not your fault they all are dead!
You'll find another cult as good--
Potentially in victimhood.

And when you finally face your death,
So close to breathing your last breath;
Consider all the pain and strife
Your ideals caused in real life.

And as your heroes die one by one;
As all your revolutions come undone;
Their final resting place, you see,
Lies inside the dustbin of history.

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