Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Betsy exposes the contempt the left feels for America and its Founding Fathers. Quoting from a column by Mark Kurlansky:
SOMEONE HAS TO SAY IT or we are never going to get out of this rut: I am sick and tired of the founding fathers and all their intents.

The real American question of our times is how our country in a little over 200 years sank from the great hope to the most backward democracy in the West. The U.S. offers the worst healthcare program, one of the worst public school systems and the worst benefits for workers. The margin between rich and poor has been growing precipitously while it has been decreasing in Europe. Among the great democracies, we use military might less cautiously, show less respect for international law and are the stumbling block in international environmental cooperation. Few informed people look to the United States anymore for progressive ideas.

We ought to do something. Instead, we keep worrying about the vision of a bunch of sexist, slave-owning 18th century white men in wigs and breeches. Even in the 18th century, the founding fathers were not the most enlightened thinkers available. They were the ones whose ideas prevailed.
Read her discussion of Kurlansky's tripe. It illuminates the underlying hatred that today's multiculti, politically correct left have for everything America stands for.

Ask yourself why. Then read the quoted paragraph again. The "progressive" political agenda of the left is crystal clear. In one short paragraph, Kurlansky summarizes all the reasons why the left has come to hate America:

- It doesn't yet have socialized medicine (which is just working so well in other countries--that's why they look to America for development of new drugs and technologies in health care)

- The US public K-12 education system--already mostly destroyed by the incorporation of "progressive" ideas like multiculturalism and all things politically correct-- clearly is still not successful in indoctrinating young people into "correct" thinking (some are growing up to be...gasp..Republicans or...worse: freethinkers). Something needs to be done about that. )

- The poor oppressed workers of this country are exploited by evil capitalists

- The rich are exploiting the poor (i.e., the ususal Marxist BS)

- Our military force is not used "cautiously" (i.e., never to defend our national interests)

- we do not bow to international law

- We are destoying the enviroment and preventing the rest of the world from their gallant efforts to fix it

- We don't have any progressive ideas anymore.

Doesn't this all sound familiar? It should. These are the same tired, "progressive" slogans of socialism that the left has been using for the last 50+ years.

The left hates America because America continues to be successful -- unlike most of the rest of the world.

They hate America because, despite their religious belief that it would all come tumbling down (remember Marx's predictions?)--it hasn't and its economy still leads the rest of the world.

They hate America because everyone who lives here is getting richer, and the "poor vs. rich" meme doesn't play as well as it does in the the 3rd world.

They hate America because we believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

They hate America because we are not only the foremost beacon of freedom in the world, but are also the origin of most of the technological and innovative advances that improve the rest of the world.

They hate America because we have not yet succumbed to their ideology and their far-from progressive ideas.

And to destroy America, it is first necessary to destroy our history; to deconstruct the Founding Fathers and insist that they were evil and racist and sexist and probably homophobic too. It is necessary to make us guilty for creating all the problems in the world; and it is necessary to pretend that the rest of the world is so much better (or at least Europe, I guess).

Oh yes. And that is their new, improved definition of patriotism.

UPDATE: Lest you think I exaggerate about the degree of hatred the lunatic left (and it is becomeing increasingly redundant to add the adjective) has for this country, check out Cindy Sheehan, the "ultimate moral authority" of the left as she tells Norah O’Donnell she would rather live under Hugo Chavez than George W. Bush. The obvious question: so why doesn't she?

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