Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Check out the left's "ultimate moral authority" as she provides further evidence of why the left hates America (especially if they can't be in control!) She's going to move on (hopefully) to greener acres:

Venezuela is the place for me!
Livin' with Hugo's where I want to be.
Lifelong marxists who are filled with hate--
Keep America, just give me a socialist state!

Caracas is where I'd rather stay.
Until BusHitler dies or goes away
I can't stand his evil fascist views
Give me a country where Hugo controls the news!

Dear Hugo would take care of me
I appreciate his tyranny
The whole world just gives us a pass;
And mean old Bush just will not kiss my ass.

...The oil!
...Bush hate!
...It's great!

I just seem to be a useful idiot,
But, don't forget, I'm really a patriot.

Wish I could stay,
Good bye, USA.
I really must fly...
Hugo Chavez is my guy!

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has much more, including helpful information about one-way tickets.

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