Monday, July 10, 2006

CAIR: Just Another Pissant Apologist For Islamic Terror

Consider these recent news stories:

-The new Islamic regime in Somalia, which has forbidden people from watching television or movies in line with their strict interpretation of Islam, killed two people--a businessman and a teenage girl-- for watching a banned World Cup soccer game;

-They have declared that anyone shirking daily prayers will be executed;

- They broke up a wedding celebration because a band was playing and women and men were socializing together (gasp) and both are considered "unIslamic"[As far as I know, noone was killed yet, but there must be a death sentence in there somewhere];

and, CAIR has now come out with this statement, which they made because they were upset at an editorial that dared to criticize:

What has happened in Somalia, for the majority of Somalis inside and those who are abroad, is a positive change. I truly suggest that we should not prejudge this change, or any change for that matter, based on the religious affiliation of those in power.

It seems to me that there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to Muslims, Islam, Arabs and Palestinian issues. A view of the big picture seems to be missing.

The assertion in the editorial, "President Bush is right to be concerned about these developments. Regions of strict Muslim control and haters of Western culture tend to breed terrorists," is overly simplistic. The line they hate us and our way of life has really become old. This is a ridiculous and simplistic response to a complex problem of major magnitude.

It is hardly "simplistic" to oppose totalitarianism, whether it's anti-human agenda masquerades as "religion of peace" or a "worker's paradise". What has really become "old" is the reflex apologism and casual glossing over of evil routinely committed in the name of Islam.

The only logical conclusion one can draw from the behavior of CAIR as it champions Islamic hatred and sees death and enslavement as a "positive" change, is that CAIR completely approves of Islamic terrorism; promotes the victimhood of murderers; and thinks that the West's behavior is what should be condemned.

In other words, they're just another pissant apologist for evil--along with Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, and many others. They should be given honorary membership in ANSWER.

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