Thursday, July 20, 2006


Isreallycool, who has been liveblogging the war, has this to say on the massive bombing yesterday evening of a Hezbollah target:
The big news overnight is that the IAF dropped 23 tons of bombs on a bunker thought to contain senior Hizbullah leaders. This action was taken after Israel received credible intelligence that Hizbullah leaders - Nasrallah included - were staying in the bunker. Hizbullah were quick to issue a statement that no leaders were in the building, which, they claimed, was not a bunker at all.
Israel's ambassador to the UN (and fast becoming one of our best - if not the best - spokespeople), Dan Gillerman, told CNN:
"I can assure you that we know exactly what we hit. ... This was no religious site. This was indeed the headquarters of the Hizbullah leadership."
I would be inclined to believe him. The question is whether or not we actually killed the targets. According to IDF officials, there is a chance they may have survived the attack if the bunker was located tens of meters underground. Until now, there has been no word of casualties in the incident - neither from Hezbollah nor Lebanese officials. What will be interesting to see is if Nasrallah appears on Al Manar television today to demonstrate he is alive (as he did a few days ago). If not, there could be a chance he is seriously injured, if not dead. Here's hoping.

Remember Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi minister of information who became a laughingstock early in the Iraq war because of his pathetic attempts to deny any reality that didn't fit into the template of Iraqi military superiority? Hezbollah seems to have an entire army of Baghdad Beirut Bobs--some of them in our own MSM; see this video of a Helen Thomas and Tony Snow interchange, for example-- who uncritically and breathlessly report every inane comment issued by various , assorted Beirut Bobs about Hezbollah capabilities, iminent victories, and civilian casualties (apparently Israel has ONLY hit civilians in this war, completely missing any Hezbollah).

Here's hoping, indeed, that Nasrallah and others--pathetic cowards who glory in the blood of innocents; and who deliberately hide in the middle of a captive civilian population to protect their sorry asses--are dead and/or dying.

At the very least, they should really really be terrified, since they are soon to involuntarily meet their 72 virgins, one way or another.

Check Isreallycool frequently for updates.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has more. Still waiting to see the dear leaders of Hezbollah make a TV appearance to say everything is hunky dory.

UPDATE II: Oh darn.

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