Friday, July 14, 2006


When Robert Novak came out this week and broke his silence on the famous column that "outed" Mrs. Joe Wilson, the whole Plame affair should have been renamed "Fizzlegate". It should have been clear--even to the most utterly clueless on the left--that "Fitzmas" was not going to come. Not to refine too much on it, but entire Plame Affair had simply turned out to be a "big stupid nothing." Nada, zilch, zero. Except, of course, for the millions raked in by the couple, capitalizing on their notoriety. (OK, maybe they're not "stupid")

Well, now the two big, stupid nothings at the center of the affair have made their next move; a move designed to keep them as the center of attention. These narcissists etraordinaire seem to be incapable of doing anything that is not completely self-serving and attention-seeking and deliberately malicious.

Their latest action qualifies them, however, as "Narcissists of the Year", which is quite a coup, considering all the Hollywood elite who vie for the honor daily.

Take a few minutes to read through their complaint (if you care, which I don't blame you if you don't). Analysis here.

Is it a coincidence that the lovely couple met with the Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill yesterday? Probably helping Democrats to chart their "new direction" backwards into the 20th century.

UPDATE: You too can make the Wilsons even richer and help keep them in the spotlight!

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