Sunday, July 23, 2006

CARNIVAL OF THE INSANITIES ***Special Middle East Edition***

Time for the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This week the Carnival is focusing on all the insanities swirling around the recent events in the Middle East! As might be expected, it has been a week of rare idiocy. So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

If your submitted post was not relevant to this week's special theme, it will automatically be considered for next week's Carnival.

Send all entries for next week's carnival to Dr. Sanity by 8 pm ET on Saturday for Sunday's Carnival. Only one post entry weekly per blogger, please. Thanks for all the submissions. I try to use as many as possible! SO MANY INSANITIES! SO LITTLE TIME!!!

1. New England as the Middle East? Interesting.

2. The man in the driver's seat? Or is he just a back-seat driver to this guy? Hezbollah's a poppin' ! And an exclusive interview with the real driver!

3. Zapaterror! (scroll down for the pic) . A proud member of the "Prairie Dog Colony of Anti-Semitism"....But there are signs of courage.

4. Grannie get your gun? And don't forget your human shields!

5. What a shocker. All Politically Correct- thinking people know this is not the terrorists' usual modus operandi!

6. Hostilities must cease! But, what the UN keeps forgetting is this...and then there's the fact that the UN is actually an accomplice to the terrorists. Very UNhelpful as always.

7. Israel is just a great big meanie. And all these fantastic guys agree.

8. I.R.O.N.Y....Bakri the Brave!

9. This bozo should just start a group blog along with his pals. Then he could get a message out every day. I know! He could call it "TERRORISTS 'R' US".

10. Eeeexxxxcellent. Hmmmm.

11. "God gave reason to the Muslim; it is the Muslim who has forgotten what he possesses. Almost seems at times that some magician has said to the Muslim 'Be you stone.' " What the Qu'ran does and doesn't say...

12. And this is considered a "positive change " by certain groups?

13. An American professor runs to the aid of Hezbollah and terrorism. Yawn. What else is new? Keeping nutcase professors on your faculty who teach delusional 9/11 theories has an economic impact? That's good to hear! And, what about imaginary professors quoted to support your opinions?

14. Ideological hubris? Or, creating a strategic advantage that can potentially [finally] lead to real peace? I tend toward the latter view myself. Either way, (repeat after me) "IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT!" Or, maybe not.

15. With their progressive and compassionate attitudes, it's simply a wonder they don't win more elections.! Here is an example of their new focus. And, they do have an definite advantage for things like this.

16. Looking for a 'Katrina moment' in the Middle East, perhaps? Journalism for dummies dhimmis. And, Hezbollah calls in the reinforcements!

17. Oh, and thanks so much for the Hezbollah view. Even more help for Hezbollah!

18. The left has made war itself a war crime. For some, even imagining that war might be an option is a sin. Imagine ...nothing worth fighting and dying for.

19. Say what? Hoist on their own petard (or fatwa, as the case might be)

21. I have the sense that this is an allegorical tale that has some relevance to current hostilities...but I could be over-analyzing. What do you think is the moral?

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