Thursday, April 23, 2009


1. Let's be more like North Korea ! (and other backward, tyrannical countries and cultures)

2. Let's scare the children and completely warp their impressionable little minds with how the evil humans are killing the planet.

Here's a story from Jay Nordlinger to brighten your day:
My daughter’s expensive private school is generally not very lefty, but they do go in for some green propaganda. They had a speaker come extol the virtues of vegetarianism, and the school cafeteria went meat-free for Earth Day.

My twelve-year-old decided this was in the “We should be more like North Korea” category — a reference to this poster [note: the one above] — and brought her own lunch: a steak sandwich. One of the other kids called her “a meat-eating monster.” She said it made her day. (She also subscribes to the view that if you aren’t making leftists unhappy, you probably aren’t doing something right.)

and this:
Care to hear from Middletown, Pa.? I love that place-name. It sounds so: representative. In today’s Impromptus, I have an item on American education, and environmental alarmism: You know, the wee ones are told that the earth is dying — no, that we, human beings, are killing the earth — and that they must be afraid, very afraid. The environmental nightmares of children must be something. How about teaching them to be afraid of political unfreedom? Of the suppression of unpopular, or unfashionable, ideas?

Anyway: A reader from Middletown writes,
Yes, the public schools do in fact teach that we are killing the planet by driving our cars, etc. When my daughter, who was in 3rd or 4th grade at the time, and I were driving somewhere, she said her teachers had told her that driving cars was harming the earth. I clutched the steering wheel and calmly asked her if those teachers drove their cars. She paused — I could see the lightbulb over her head — and said, “Yes, they do.” It was priceless.

Of course, you can decry something even as you engage in it. But still: Well done, by that mom. And how about Al Gore’s jetting around? Etc., etc.

3. Green Behavior for Thee but Not for Me (see above)

4. Why don't we all just go kill ourselves to save the planet?

Think I'm kidding? Check out this site, which calls for "voluntary human extinction". No shit. Of course they aren't really advocating going and killing yourself, they would like humans to live a good, fun life...then die. In fact, one of their FAQ's is:
Q: Are we all supposed to kill ourselves?
SUMMARY: Increasing human deaths will not improve population density. Many people are advocating an increase in the death rate to reduce human population numbers. However, increased death has historically increased births. Promoting reproductive freedom, economic opportunity, and education will shrink our masses faster and nicer.

You must admit, the world would certainly be a better place with these environutjobs contaminating it. Just go take a look at the site for sheer reading pleasure. I am a psychiatrist and I must say that the people I treat are relatively mentally healthy compared to the sheer insanity (and unrelenting hatred of humanity) on display here.

There are some real "monsters" out there, all right. But they are not the meat-eating ones that the child in #2 decries--they are the human-hating ones.

But, why am I not surprised? The political left embraced a hatred of humanity long ago, and their principles insanities haven't changed much no matter what ideological guise they wear at any given moment, be it neo-Marxism, neo-fascism, or radical environmentalism.

In fact, it is their hatred of all that is human that defines them.

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