Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This news from Iran should not be in the least shocking:
Last week, Iran's Majlis ratified a bill under which any Muslim who converts to another religion would be put to death, with no possibility of pardon.

The bill was approved by a majority of 196 to 7, with two abstentions.

The few Iranian media outlets that covered the issue played down their reports, while on others, such as the Majlis website and the website of the conservative daily Resalat, the reports were removed after a few hours.

Under the bill, anyone declaring publicly that he was knowingly abandoning Islam of his own free will face the death penalty.

Yeah, let's talk to these maniacs. You can see that they really respect the opinions of our culture and are reasonable people at heart. I'll bet they don't consider it an honorable pastime to repeatedly lie to and jerk infidels like us around, right?

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