Thursday, September 04, 2008

PALIN'S SPEECH- Let The Pettiness Begin !

I thought Sarah Palin's speech last night was terrific. The left are so scared of her and all she represents, they have begun their petty attacks because she dared to have....speechwriters. Next you'll hear that she (gasp!) used a... teleprompter.
NEWSFLASH! Politicians Have Speechwriters! [Mark Hemingway]
Immediately after Palin's speech I saw a panelist on MSNBC harrumphing that Palin didn't write her speech — she had one of George W. Bush's speechwriters. You don't say...

It was an extraordinarily petty and desperate attempt to devalue her remarkable speech — speechwriters or not, the speech was an accurate reflection of who she is and she obviously contributed to the writing of it in significant ways. For instance, the pitbull/lipstick line was all hers.

However, Ace notes that "Palin didn't write her speech" is a talking point being pushed by the Obama/Biden campaign. Which is ridiculous. Obama is an undeniably talented writer, and yet you better believe he has speechwriters. But what's most unbelievable is that surrogates of Joe Biden are questioning the provenance of a political opponent's speech.

Decide for yourself:

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