Friday, September 05, 2008


Idiots of all persuasions are asking this important question: "Did they just cross the line on 9/11? I ask this as a serious question."

They are referring to the fact that the Republicans at their convention DARED to show a video of 9/11. Don't they know that using human suffering for political purposes is taboo???

Except apparently if you are a Democrat. Then you can exploit as many people as possible in even your political ads that are suffering--and blame it all on the Republicans!

It's wonderful how they do that psychological projection stuff. The Democrats/left appeal directly to the emotions over and over again. They show poor people suffering from horrible health care insurance in the US; poor people who have lost their homes and are suffering etc. etc. etc.

But just try to show how 3000 Americans were horribly killed by brutal Islamofacist thugs, who on a daily basis are trying to repeat the devastation and murder---why, the Dems and their minions are simply disgusted.

Obviously it's ok to exploit human suffering for political purposes when you make an effort to blame Bush et al. Fearmongering is a really good thing--nay, its MANDATORY--but only if it advances your economic ideology. Danger from Islamic terrorists? We're not in no stinkin' danger from Islamic terrorists. Move along. Nothing to see here.

I can't help wondering if the Democrats and the left somehow feel guilty about 9/11 and have to make sure that all evidence of their shame stays hidden forever. Leftist sharia law insists that such topics are taboo--like not drawing pictures of Mohammed, I guess.

Well, I don't aim to go along with either their plan or the terrorists' plan to silence us.

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