Sunday, September 28, 2008


Time for the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

Keep those entries coming in every week, and try to get them to me by Saturday. If you have questions, go here before submitting an entry. You can also submit an entry via Blog Carnival.

Try to make it funny, ironic, or clearly insane, people...I get a lot of "self-help" stuff that doesn't seem particularly funny or even ironic to me--and, if it doesn't seem that way to me, then its likely it won't be included-- unless it just happens to fit in with one of the COTI themes for the week.

Also, a link back to the Carnival if your submitted post is included would be appreciated...and some extremely harsh penalties await those who do not comply with this simple and reasonable request!


1. Sinatra in a spirited rendition of "I did it Myspace"

2. Giddy as a schoolgirl vs Tough as nails.

3, I'm from the government and I've come to save you. Surreal.
Wall Street Woes are really are above my paygrade and over my head....

4. I'm from academia and I've come to help you! I'll teach you to think...the correct way--or else.

5. I'm from the diversity police and I've come to save you. Have you ever noticed how rude and self-centered multicultural-PC-lunatics are?

6. I'm from the KGB FSB and I've come to save you.

7. This is how you ban books you don't like; and this is how you oppose free speech. It's the PC Way!

8. This is CNN. And so is this.

9. Will the real economy please stand up?? This is the kind of economic plan I can get behind!

10. King of the Jews? Well, dark prince, really. Welcome to 1984.

11. Looting other planets is the solution!

12. Coping with a Titanic ego? Or, Titanic judgment? Or just plain Titanic--and here's the moronic crew.

13. Trapped in his own stupidity--and a noted economist to boot! Who knew?

14. Perfect justice.

15. Sweet, robust, with a hint of Alaska. Newsflash! She's a real beauty in a lot of ways.

16. Et tu, Tutu? But what did you expect? Shock at the double standards or something?

17. Yes, this ad sets my teeth on edge too.

18. Politics is one profession where it is customary to say what is nobody believes, least of all yourself. Yes, it's generally better to watch Seinfeld reruns.

19. The new, DNC-approved ballot! So you don't get confused when you vote.

20. Dumb ,and Dumber, and Dumberer.

21. How about that exhibitionism of the left? Using boobies to call attention to themselves--wasn't that once...sexist?

22. The calabi-yau manifold crystal? Just what I always wanted!

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