Saturday, September 06, 2008


NOLW, formerly known as NOW, has been a collection of sorry hypocrites for a long time as they scream and whine their old platitudes about empowering women, while actively trying to silence any women who dares to repudiate their poltical ideology. That ideology--not a concern for women or their empowerment in society--happens to be the primary reason they continue to exist.

I am hoping that for the first time ordinary women are finally beginning to appreciate that hypocrisy and are seeing NOW for what that orginazation has mutated into: a group of ideologues that cynically manipulates women in order to advance their leftist dogma.

The washed-up and irrelevant Gloria Steinem--who should have dropped off the celebrity radar more than a few decades ago since she has had nothing original or interesting to say for at least a quarter century--calls Sarah Palin "the wrong woman with the wrong message."

How much more clearly could someone state that in order to be a "proper" woman, you have to have the ideologically approved, politically correct "message"? As for this cynical and disgusting piece from NOW, apparently they believe they alone have proprietary rights on determining what is good for women-- and anyone with a different perspective are, by definition, "anti-feminist" and a traitor to their gender.

Please. Get a clue, ladies, and grow up. Here's a newsflash for you: Women are...diverse. They don't have a uniform opinion on anything, just because they happen to be women. D'oh. Unless, of course, you consider them to be NOW feminist robots.

As a former feminist, I think its time to drop this nonsensical insanity. NOW doesn't represent women any more; and probably never represented more than a small minority even when they mattered. Instead, NOW promulgates an extremely narrow view of women--a confining and oppressive view, I might add; a view that establishes a shiny new glass ceiling for today's liberated modern women. If you don't go along with these feminist thugs, then you will be opposed tooth and nail.

NOW: only submissive women need apply for membership (or sexually inadequate men).

Gee. Sounds a lot like NOW's oppressive leftist female chauvinist doctrine has become the mainstream Democratic Party line. For my part, I think that (to paraphrase Steinem in her glory days), a woman without NOW is like a fish without a bicycle.

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