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In this article we have a perfect example of how the "reality-based" among us have managed to project their own perverse dark side onto the innocent...
A word to anybody planning on visiting Oldham in northern England. All persons in municipal parks are assumed to be perverts, just to be on the safe side:
A COUPLE were banned from taking photographs of their baby daughter on a swing by a park warden who declared it `inappropriate.'

Steve Brook and partner Mandy Smith were having a family day out with 11-month-old Rebecca when the council worker swooped.

"It beggars belief," said Steve, 35. "The fact that a mummy and daddy can't take a picture of their own daughter is ridiculous... I asked him why and he said it was illegal to take pictures of children in the park. I explained it was my own daughter but he still said it wasn't allowed."

A council official said: "We are committed to ensuring that all our parks are safe and welcoming places for all visitors. To ensure this happens staff are instructed to be observant and aware of the activities of park users and consider whether they are appropriate."

...even as they cheerfully exonerate and protect the guilty, and make sure the guilty are not judged-- or made to feel excluded in any way.

As Steyn notes, it's a sign of the times--or, rather a state of the delusion of the times--that in trying to be so "safe and welcoming for all" we have slipped the fragile bonds of reality and common sense, all for the sake of political correctness and deluding ourselves about wonders of inclusiveness and diversity.

We are all perverts now.

Except, of course, for the real perverts of our times, who are given a free pass-- as this article demonstrates:
It's the episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie that I missed. The one where the father is so angry with his teenage daughter for not wearing the hijab that he strangles her to death. Perhaps it will be in the special features section of the DVD version, released just in time for the holiday that used to be known as Christmas, but not any longer because the word might hurt someone's feelings.

Not that we know why, or even if Muhammad Parvez killed his 16-year-old daughter Aqsa last week in Mississauga, Ont. But we do know that he has been charged with the crime and that friends told reporters there had been terrible arguments about Aqsa's refusal to wear Islamic head covering and that she wanted a different path from that of her family.

Most Canadian Muslim leaders immediately condemned what had happened but it didn't take very long for the usual suspects to explain on radio and television that the tragedy had nothing to do with the Muslim faith and that all religions contain extremism. Islam, we were told, is a religion of peace.

Which is probably just what the owner of a Christian bookstore in Gaza thought three months ago as he was murdered and his shop firebombed. Or Danny Pearl, shortly before the American journalist had his head cut off by Islamic terrorists -- who, naturally, filmed the whole thing and made sure their chants from the Koran were loud and clear.

Or the wretched gang-rape victim in Saudi Arabia sentenced to 200 lashes for daring to be in a car at the time of the crime with a man to whom she was not married or related. Or the women stoned to death for adultery. Or the Iranian men hanged because they were homosexual.

And so on, and so on, and so on...in case after nauseating case.

In this sorry state of delusion, the only real discussion amounts to, who is more perverted? The misogynistic and sadistic Islamists? Or their politically correct leftist enablers?

Or, as someone has said in a related context, "Something this unprecedented goes beyond religious toleration."

Very true. Beyond tolerance--religious or otherwise--and straight to self-delusion.

UPDATE: Join Siggy, ShrinkWrapped, Neo, and me on our latest podcast as we discuss the religious murder of Aqsa Parvez by her father--and its psychological ramifications.

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