Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This news must just drive the left crazy (or crazier, depending):
Recent polls placing President Bush’s approval numbers near 30 percent miss an important distinction: The policies and positions the president has advocated since 2001 have led to significant results in recent days. In short, the presidency of George W. Bush is surging, rather than waning, with little more than one year remaining in his term.

From domestic policies that have kept the economy strong, to the war on terror--President Bush is well on his way to leaving an overall successful legacy, much to the horror of his fanatical detractors.

I predict an epidemic of Post-Bush Stress Disorder (PBSD) breaking out sometime in the next 10 years when history looks back favorably on the Bush era. Lefties need to read the article and then allow themselves to weep so the healing can begin.

Then they can schedule an appointment with me to get some antipsychotic or antidepressant medication to help with their troublesome symptoms. Or, just intensive therapy to cope with reality!

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