Sunday, December 23, 2007


Time for the Annual Christmas/Holiday Insanity Collection, where all the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd aspects of the Holidays are highlighted for all to see! The most bizarre insanities can always be found in politics, of course, and this has been and will be a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

Send all entries for next week's carnival to Dr. Sanity by 8 pm ET on Saturday for Sunday's Carnival. Only one post entry weekly per blogger, please. And you might read this before submitting an entry.

**NOTE: I am now getting many more submissions than I can possibly include in the weekly Carnival. Please don't be offended if your submission is not used (oh, okay, be as offended as you like) as it only means that for a variety of reasons I wasn't able to fit it into the "flow" as I put together each Carnival.


1. Christmas, 2007 in Bethlehem. For those who don't believe: Yes, Virginia, there is a terror war.

2. They make it their business never to forget.

3. Making fun of yourself at Christmas is off limits! It's the psychiatrists who have to deal with all the fruitcakes.... Like the Anthropogenic Global Warming Killjoys.

4. The Kyrgyzis get points for trying. Trying really really hard.

5. Ahmed and the Chipmunks? Jingle Bells, Infidels...Sharia all the way. It's closing in on "White Christmas!"

6. 2007 Holiday reading list for kids! A final visit from Saint Nick--an oldie but goodie! The real top 10 news stories of 2007.

7. For the religious narcissist: when the gift of yourself is all that's necessary.

8. The best part of the Holiday Season is the banning? A plea for "Merry Christmas"!

9. Happy Hannukah Chanukah! (Belated!) Chanukah as pollutant?

10. The 12 [Crazy] Days of Christmas!

11. Ebenezer Reid? Warm and gooey for the Holidays: The Eggnog factor, perhaps?

12. It's so much fun to give other people's money away! Ponies for everyone! What the cards should say....A very Hillary Christmas to you!

13. What! Christmas is political? Or, at least, politically correct...

14. Santa Claus is not inclusive enough; and he's too fat. Plus he don't talk proper He's just a fatty-headed ho-ho-ho! Or, maybe he's Satan.

15. BoxBux Sux as Stix Hix Nix Xmas Flix...ummmmm right.

16. Move Christmas to June??

17. Bad Santa's.

18. God is your co-pilot.

19. Relatively normal religious conversion (at least there are no death threats because of it!); relatively insane one.

20. Relatively normal Holiday recipe.....relatively insane one. Completely insane.

21. All I want for Christmas is to Free Mark Steyn; less postmodern whine for some peace divine...all I want for Christmas is to Free Mark Steyn...So I can wish you Merry Christmas!

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