Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In a thoughtful post yesterday on gun control, ShrinkWrapped, the host of last night's Sanity Squad podcast wrote:
After 9/11 every man, woman, and child in America became a suspect. As one writer noted when discussing the TSA and airport security, the Israelis look for terrorists, we look for weapons. The vapidness of the process is revealed every time an elderly grandparent takes off his or her shoes.

Our approach to guns is to treat everyone as a murderer who must be kept from possessing a gun. This alleviates the responsibility for identifying actual murderers but is also leaves our population peculiarly vulnerable to the worst among us.

It is long past time when we began to educate ourselves that guns are not the problem, it is evil people with guns who most endanger us.

In the podcast, The Squad begins a discussion that analyzes the Colorado Springs shooting incident and the psychological implications of gun control; and then meanders quite logically to Iran and the way the political left have jumped on the NIE to limit the options that the US has to deal Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Join Siggy, ShrinkWrapped, Neo, and me for some psychological and political analysis of guns, Iran, utopian dreams and fantasies, human nature, and the reality of good and evil.

Click below to listen:

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